About wsb dapp/ need some answers

Hello. im from Russia, so sorry for my English. OK, guys, what’s going on? Just so you know, I sold the car and invested everything in wsb. Now I’m in a big minus. And I already see that I can’t get my money back. and do not write to me - until you have sold, you are not in the red.
Someone who knows and understands the situation, explain to me where we are going?
In the telegram, one admin under the nickname king, who is rude and cannot answer any question normally, because he does not understand what he is writing about, and when arguments are given, he disappears.
On reddit, everyone writes that Jaime is a con he is lying us. and this is written by the community of traders. Everyone who invested in , they are in the red. In a huge minus. Except for those couple who lower the price. look at their wallets. Where did they get so many tokens from? It doesn’t make sense if they actually bought them.
First, they wrote in telegram about a guy who was called an influencer, he dump the price, then they wrote that bitcoin was falling, so the token was falling, then they wrote that it was a token unlock, and so every time a new reason.
Anyone who understands cryptocurrency will look at the price chart, look at the people who invested in it, look at the reviews on reddit, look at the messages in telegram, look at the comments under the video, on Twitter, and understand that it is not necessary to buy.
what do we have in the end? In fact, there is no product. there is no mobile application (show at least a screenshot if there is one), there is no movie about wsb dapp.
Macro Hedge ETP, which is in the red. DEFI ETP, which has no growth potential because all tokens have already made xxx.
Where is old admins? for exemple Mikasa. You tube podkast is gone.
Why is this attitude towards holders? what are the options to return the invested money?


Hi, my guess is that we lost big investors who dumped price, lost faith of audience due to CZ, we also cant count with reddit WSB support bcs something between Jaime and admins, and we do not attract enough newcommers. All this is projected at the price chart. But the project is still running. It is not pump and dump shit (I hope). I am also deeply in red, but still I trust in the project and in Jaime.


I’m in the red, have been since I bought I in, I’ve stopped paying attention to wsb dapp progress until the two movies ( feature and documentary) that are being made come out in another year or whenever. That’s a big reason I invested and when this project will have a chance to reach a much wider audience - it will set the record straight regarding the Reddit admin teams butthurt fud. Till then the whole market is down, everything is down, so I wouldn’t stress about this project, just hold and keep on.

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OK, I understand that you believe in the project. I also believed, before the token fell below 1 cent. In the telegram, people are wondering what’s next? the answer was - we are switching to version 2.
And to the question - what will happen to the original holders, because they are in a big minus, even if version 2 works, the first holders have practically no chance for profit. The answer was - well, it’s a market, it happens guys. And that’s it.
In fact, we, those who held and did not sell, the so-called diamond hands. There are almost 11 thousand of us. And we have the least chance.
I just don’t understand why this attitude to holders.