Add BSC to Metamask with 1 click

I found this tool, thought it might be useful to include in the onboarding guide on Medium for newbs trying to get set up for their first $WSB purchase.

Let’s you add alternative chains to Metamask with 1 click:



@BTCVIX @MeowMeow @wsb_g

how well has this been vetted? a tool that changes settings in metamask makes me uncomfortable

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you can also use Binance Smart Chain | Binance Bridge | Binance Panama to 1-click add BSC network to Metamask, depicted below:


i feel the same, “we” are already at risk as it is

Either way, this still doesn’t change the best practice of only sending $1 to a newly added wallet or chain at first to confirm it’s working.

You can also look at the settings and confirm they’re accurate, I just use it to reduce manual entry