Addressing the Price of $WSB Tokens

As of this post, the price of $WSB is $0.063 with a total Market Cap of $63M: Check $WSB Price

It will be interesting to look back at this post in, say, 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years and see what the price is then. I’m fairly certain someone who sold their tokens will regret it and those who hesitated to get into $WSB will wish they had.

Emotions (and the psychology behind it) are a powerful thing and one reason why many fail at trading in any market (stocks, crypto, forex, derivatives, futures, etc.). For some lessons on this topic, see the below material from Mark Douglas. These are excellent and well worth your time:

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How to think like a professional trader 4 of 4

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Trading in the Zone

I want to go into some reasons why I don’t particularly care what the price of $WSB is, and why I (for the most part) don’t check on it on a regular basis.

There are a few factors going “against” us, on the price of $WSB. The biggest one is probably the fact that the supply is increasing while the demand has likely either stayed the same or is decreasing (due to impatience and lack of proper understanding). Keep in mind that this is not a pump-and-dump. The fact that there has been what some would call a “lack” of marketing would be because there isn’t really anything to actually market yet! There are some very, very promising ideas (ETPs) behind the token but nothing actually to speak of (yet). Although we may be farming with some great returns right now, remember that this is NOT really a farming token - it’s just how the developers have decided to distribute the initial supply of 1B tokens. Take advantage of the juicy farming returns while we have them (only for a few more months).

Side note - don’t try to day-trade unless you are very confident in what you’re doing and looking for short-term plays. It’s hard to time the market correctly and will more often than not buy higher than you sell.

In my opinion, it only makes sense for the token to eventually be worth maybe 10x or even 100x more than it currently is. We’re really very early on the timeline of this thing. See more: The Potential for Long-term Passive Income?

If you’re in this for the long-term and say you believe in its future then be a “Diamond Hand” and “HODL” like you actually believe it. If you believe in the fundamentals and the future of this project, then why let the current (or future) price worry you?


P.S. I’ll admit that it certainly helps to have this positive attitude about the current price when my average price is around $0.056 thanks to the generous farming returns. Regardless, I’m positive I’d stay in it even if the price of $WSB falls below my average price.


Great post and I completely agree with everything you have said. (I will read those articles, thanks)

This isn’t a short term “trade” - this is a long term project with huge future use case and potential - which is all still to come.

I do follow the price but this a buy and forget trade for me.

HODL together, fellow APES :gorilla: :rocket:


My avrage buy is around 0.155$ Current price doesnt matter when we beleive in project Long term performing Enjoying staking for now we just need for marketing and listing in some better exchange Current price will b part of history

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Fully agree that this is a long term investment and I remain and have always been very confident in the team and vision behind it. Early investors who had a short term view may have been disappointed, but those of us willing to hodl will likely be very glad we did.

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How do you calculate your avg buy price factoring in farming returns?

Well said, I’m just happy to be on this train!

Major i bought at 0.173
some at 0.065 and 0.06
now my avarage is at 0.13
i staked in diamond hands m getting around 542Wsb daily

Because I’m “all-in” with my LP tokens and will be using the BNB & BUSD to buy more $WSB once I decide I’m done farming, here’s what I do:

  1. I take the current total staking $ value of all my LP tokens from Yield Farming Info and divide that by the current cost of $WSB.
  2. The result from step 1 gives you an idea of how many $WSB tokens you would have if you liquidated the LP tokens into $WSB. I take that number and add it to my non-staked tokens (including unclaimed).
  3. Finally, I divide my initial investment amount by the number from step 2.
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I’ve been hitting my head to figure out how to “calculate” in $ my LP tokens and you just dropped out of nowhere that dope site … THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
That was a bit off-topic, appreciation comment :smiley:

Now on topic. Short term price is of no concern as the actual value product is yet to be released. Just look at SPCE stocks and I do believe WSB dApp will follow the same track! Not a financial advice!

I’m also spending whatever I think it’s reasonable (don’t go full degenerate boys) on LP points and occasionally staking in Diamond hands. Current APY % are just insane.

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