An idea to get more interest/sales volume into WSBdapp

I had an idea about how maybe to get a little more buying volume. We could possibly have a weekly competition of guessing the price of the token on a certain future date and it will only be rewarded if the price goes up. meaning everyone would have to guess a price higher than the price at the start of the competition not a lower price. you could even set a threshold price that people would have to guess above, and a lower limit price that if it didn’t reach that price nobody would win or maybe a smaller prize . the winner or winners that are the closest to that price will win an amount of BNB(or an NFT) . Since you can pretty much see the sales coming in ,in real time we could have the live chart posted on the website with indicators of where the winning price is and what the prizes are. I think people would have fun in live chat talking about it. Haven’t thought it all the way thru but I think something like that would be fun, bring some good energy around the project and bring in new holders also. Let me know what you think.

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i think the idea in general is really good. My suggestion would be a prediction markets for the WSB Token itself + maybe the average future ETP index price - this way we can measure our own token + the ETP basket value like they do it with the perps on FTX.

Additionally, maybe 2 different time settings for scalps and swings.
Scalps < 5 minutes and Swings with a 1 week contract or so would be outstanding.

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