Are we tied to Balancer?

Do the technical limitations make it so that we are limited to assets on balancer?

Would it ever be possible to make one outside the balancer ecosystem?

I really think a basket of staked LP tokens would be amazing. Allow people to get high yields spread out over many pools to reduce risk.

I think as closely as we can be tied to a project like Balancer the better. Who wouldn’t want them on your team?!?!

It seems so at the moment from the documentation. However, if Balancer or a similar project was on another chain then an ETP could be created there. I also heard about some middleware building cross chain yield aggregation, so this is something that could be used in the future.

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Indeed. I don’t think the project is limited to balancer and other synthetic asset systems could be integrated.

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I listened to the podcast on twitter and can confirm from the team that Balancer is the major player and the team does still have agility to partner with others and, of course, it just makes sense to do that.

I would assume any synthetic asset fabricator would want as much involvement with Balancer as possible which I think creates even more synergies in this project. There is no competition for this project as this project doesn’t want competition. It’s beautiful.

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