Auto stake rewards from Diamond Hands Pool

It would be nice to have this feature instead of manually doing this.


that’s cool. but i think manually staking is much better.
since not everyone will hold, some also will trade.


That’s true. Or maybe have an option to do it both ways :grinning:


I think these types of things are “Vote” Worthy


I think so too. How do we do that?


Wait until full voting implementation and bring it up again.

I personally think autostaking is best for everyone involved.

Compounders benefit from fewer transaction fees and smaller compounding periods.

Sellers benefit because trading is disincentivized by convenience but not price. This one is more counterintuitive, but basically if you’re selling you want fewer other people to sell. By disincentivizing selling (but only because of convenience) you benefit as a seller. And critically it’s still just one transaction. Just instead of claiming the reward you instead withdraw the amount above what you want to leave in.


That is exactly my thought.

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Could we beta a toggle button between autostaking and self staking? Then drop the inferior option if one emerges. Id hate to see someone invest elsewhere if they had “autostaking” available. Especially a traveler type who could get better returns with autostaking…


I too think an option for “auto-compounding” in the Dymond Handz Pool would be terrific!
Due to the relatively low amount I am staking, I am doing this manually on a monthly basis now; would love to see that my earned WSB get staked automatically in intervals (thus earning me more WSB).

Big thumbs up for this suggestion! Hope it gets to voting whenever that feature’s ready.


Now that the voting is done, I’d like to bring up this topic again. :slight_smile:

I’m happy with it manual, but if most people want it to autostake, so be it. (If the team can do it)

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I’d personally prefer the team focus on other things. Staking is only for another 4.5 months. The difference in return you’ll see over that period between auto-stake and no auto-stake is minimal in comparison to the value the team can create for the token by focusing on the ETP.

Edit: I know I said something different earlier. I’ve had a rethink. I also don’t know the level of work this would entail, so maybe it’s worth it? It just seems like a low priority considering that there will be no staking in a few months.


Yes, I agree. But if it’s an easy feature to add that would be great. If not, no biggie.

Also, it would be nice if farming were extended to allow us small fish to accumulate more $WSB’s.

Question though: Do you guys know what will happen to our staked LP’s once farming is done? As early adopters, maybe we can be rewarded by being able to convert it for more WSBs than normal. Dunno if I’m making sense though, but just a thought. Lol.

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I completely agree. There would be v marginal gains provided by auto-restaking and I’m sure the dev time would be way better spent on getting the ETPs live.

The crypto ETP is one thing, but getting the synthetic real world ETPs up and running is a huge amount more work.

I also understand that the team are giving serious consideration to single stonk synthetics (think AMC or GME), which I think would be a huge interest driver because it would allow APES anywhere in the world to get involved in the AMC (or whichever memestonk) trade that is happening at the time.


I find that strange since single stock synthetics for those assets already exist on the mirror protocol as mGME and mAMC. They’re even crosschain, so anyone could buy them on PancakeSwap already.

edit: Those ones aren’t actually crosschain, I’m seeing (other mirror synthetics are but not those two). Regardless, they still exist already.

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Yep - they do. But I think it could be great for the $WSB brand to offer them. Would be good exposure and tie $WSB into the memestock theme nicely.

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I also think it’s cool that having AUTO COMPOUND, or at least a WSB limit… in my example, I stopped reinvesting because the rate is almost equal to the amount earned.

My vote is stick with manual to allow the team time to focus on other tasks. Perhaps it would be a negative that we wouldn’t drive as much traffic initially if customers always knew they were autostaked? It’s a good thing to keep in mind and if the developers had excess time and budget then great, but I agree it’s not a long term value.

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Also I realize this is an opposite opinion from previous discussion…

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