BIAS and A Dead Meme Video Contest for WSBDapp

so i entered the video meme contest my first one ever with $wsb dapp because i’m here from the ICO and truly believe in this project and i learned a lot about crypto just by reading the TG chat (not anymore as its spammed with stonks and i havent got into those yet) ,i even help others in the chat to point them into the right direction as i was one of the confused one when i started , now my issue is with what they say and what they do well actually what they don’t in my case, so on the reddit page for the video contest " Post your entry on: 1. Twitter (up to 2 min. bla bla using the following hashtags bla bla bla — so we can retweet your entry! 2. Post your entry in this thread! " the time frame was pretty tight to “qualify” for the Miami BTC conference (where there apparently they would have showed the meme videos entries) now …short time frame + real life job + finding a uniq idea + key framing the video = almost no sleep just to finish video in time to get some “exposure” at Miami for an average joe like me, one week has passed and no updates whatsoever (or maybe i missed them but there was no official announcement ) …oh and there was this one also “then you have a week to polish your video for a final vote of the Top 3.” …now a week later i’m like what …when …how :man_shrugging:
now for some reason still unclear to me Sigiward J.R. Stone was the only one who got a retweet from the wsbdapp account ,how is this not bias towards the rest of us who entered the video contest ?(no disrespect , some of the entries where bad and some good but that’s not the point here but worth to mention it ) , did he get the attention because he is already an nft artist ? wasn’t the contest meant to incentivise new members ,including myself, to get involve into the community ? are there any unwritten rules about the contest that i’m not aware of ?
final feelings … just a sour taste and disappointment as it was my first experience in a contest ever , a rule that i live by … " if it happened once it will happen again " so i don’t really look forward for new contests


yes, the timeframe give to us is not enough to polish the memes video.

i have work and didn’t even sleep just to finish my meme video for the sake of Miami BTC conference.

the rules are clear, submit the memes video on mid day Friday and let the people on BTC conference vote whose they think will advance on the finals.

if they just released the people who will advance for the finals, i will polish my memes video and resubmit it again.

but they change the rules, and give all other people to submit new memes video and for us we needed to polish again the memes video.

it’s unfair, since the 1st rules didn’t followed.
you guys should release the people who got voted to advance in the finals.
so it will be fair for us also who submitted the memes video in short time frame.

i won’t redo my meme video, i will wait for the voted result to advance in the finals.
and if my meme video got selected then that’s the time i will polish my meme video.

we should stick to the 1st rule that you released.

it’s really bad that we needed to finish the meme video in short time just to find out that you changed the memes video rules.

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this should be implemented. changing it will make us feel bad.

when are they going to release the memes video that going to progress to final round?

only time will tell :expressionless:

is it only me to find it strange that the video contest was made on reddit but not mentioned here at all !?

so it happened on reddit … a platform that i dont use follow or have the app :man_facepalming:

We’ll try to do a better job of tying everything together.

Do you have content that hasn’t been looked at I should forward along?

everything have been sorted out now , thanks :v: