BSC? Swap security, new swap app, ETP's

Probably my last post - I hope the devs can read this one, then Im moving on seen the same thing repeatedly in meme coins unfortunately, trust me when I say this advice will only help but it has to sink in to some level before thats even possible…

When are we getting off Binance Scam chain??? this swap move is very risky, the security on binance scam chain is very low, its very centralized and swap apps like this crap get hacked constantly. If it can happen to uniswap it can happen with a product no one has ever heard of and will be very centralized. I wish the devs would listen and take on feedback instead of creating a product no body is interested in, no one cares about and risking peoples money?? due to the choice of trying to save fees on BSC??? bad bad move. Now the ETP’s that never get addressed were supposed to be implemented by the start of august??? Delay after delay is painful and seeing the bots all over binance scam chain set up by the devs just suppresses the price. This is why we have gained 400 extra holders in three months!! make an nft about that?? Jaime please try and talk to the devs, try and gets us of binance scam chain asap, please advise the dev team that they are not right all the time - in most cases they have been way off. Projects ive worked on like harmony are an open book when it comes to ideas, the devs are very responsive to constructive and critical feedback - they encourage it. The meme coins usually have a group of three people who think they know everything about blockchain and dont listen to their community, don’t take on feedback and the products are useless, dont work have been copied thousands of times and all the holders are in a “waiting” period for months and months to see a slow bleed of their account. Devs wake the fuck up, explain to the community why binance scam chain is the best option over eth, matic, solana, telos ?? and why the devs dont even listen?? These synthetic stonks have been done by many companies all ready?? Im starting to think these guys just dont care, what has been shown other than a white paper thus far and a coin thats dropped 90% in value. For everyones safety I highly reconmend NOT USING SOME SWAP APP NO ONES HEAR OF, thats ver very risky opens us all to hacks due to how centralized dapps are on binance scam chain.

The team have done this to themselves… now im out and good luck is all I can say. Its kinda sad to be honest as there are people partaking in this that show a lot of passion, the devs have been deceiving us the whole time. Im out good luck, I really meant that


Mirror protocol is built on Terra with an Ethereum bridge. The swap tool they’ve built is on the Etheruem network with both Polygon & BSC coming soon. This clearly means that they’ve been intending to switch away from BSC for some time now.

The lack of updates regarding the development is disappointing. However, with all the fall-out from the crazy recent market swings and threats from regulators against synthetic crypto stocks and possible KYC complications, I’m not all that surprised. Many other good projects have gone through significant delays, all we can do it be patient and hope they provide an update soon.

Lastly, BSC is full of scammers and exploits because it’s so easy and fast to build on. Exploits take advantage of poorly written code and thrive in BSC because the network fees are low, the number of FOMO-motivated users is high, and it’s easy to write code for it. The BSC blockchain hasn’t ever been broken, so technically the exploits could have happened just as easily on Ethereum. The crypto ecosystem is learning things the hard way, there are risks with every blockchain.

I’m not a fan of BSC, but I do understand why they chose it and I don’t think that BSC or bots have anything to do with the drop in price. I think the drop in price has a lot more to do with the fact that investors inherently lack patience. It’s really hard to keep your money in something with near term losses (but a high chance of future gains) when short term gains are all over the place in crypto!

However, what do I know? I’m just a smooth-brained ape with diamond hands. I see WSB, I HODL.


I’m holding tight with BSC because of CZ and the regs Brian Brooks has implemented til now. As a US investor that’s my best avenue. I see the benefits to metamask. I have accountants to answer to. It’s all a moving target. That’s what keeps me alive!!

Team and devs have been totally transparent via telegram and medium updates. Surprised you have such a different perspective. End of the day, project is 4mths since launch. 4mths. Latest tweets, partenerships all coming together. Agreed different chains required for trading stonks, but thats on the way. Plenty of great projects on BSC…

Roadmaps are different

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Please DYOR on binance scam chain, if your using a VPN good luck with any withdrawal - trying to help

ok I didnt read all of your response as im not part of this anymore, but FYI I used to work for mirror - devs at this stage in crypto are advanced as html in 2001, its very very basic coding - so you have so called “experts” that dont listen. Bots surpress the price on bsc and uniswap all the time. Please DYOR and look at the bots set up on our coin - who controls them?? its price manipulation so whoever can get paid, if you think otherwise study the bots look at the total transactions amounts, frequency, orders and its more than obvious.

We have missed a golden opportunity and the fact theres another wsb token certainly doesnt help

Lastly if you think regulation aint coming you are just delusional - remember everyone thinks they are an expert right now, I would be very careful about what you have stated, instead look at what our Government is actually doing and implementing as we speak.

Good luck man - I really mean that but make sure you separate what you think, from what is real

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Came back just to spread FUD?

First off, how exactly is lowering the WSB price making some 3rd party any money? It would require dumping tokens, and there’s no easy way to short sell the WBS token right now. I’d love to know how this works, I’m a dev too so I’d make my own bot for somehow making money by lower the price of an alt!

Regarding regulation, I’m sure they’ll be a fight, but crypto isn’t going anywhere! The tech was literally invented out of the dark web, and buying illegal shit was one of the first uses of Bitcoin. Regulators might strike a few blows and hurt aspects of crypto/defi for a time, but they can’t uninvent the technology or comprehensively control it for long. The more they try to shut it down, the more developers they’ll piss off, and right now devs have so much power a group of motivated hackers could literally shut down a government from the inside out, it’s not smart to piss them off or piss on a technology that so many big companies are already involved with.

The governments goal is to try to secure their ability to tax crypto and try to keep the economy stable as parts of it begin to transition over. They’ll definitely attack synthetic stocks, but in the long term I think we are heading to an economy based on smart contracts and there’s no stopping it.


I thought your last post was actually going to be your last, wish that would have happened – you have some wackjob conspiracy theories and rants and it isn’t that productive at all for a forum discussion. You don’t agree with our decisions we get it that is fine you are entitled to your own opinion and people can do their own DD and determine that from themselves if they agree with us or agree with you. FULL STOP


Your response is consistent with all meme coins, yeah it’s FUD. Good luck man

My 750k karma points tell me otherwise. Whilst holders are down 90% keep in mind u are no expert. Claiming conspiracy theories?? Do u read the news or spend all day online everyday. Ask your neighbours if they have dog, take it for a walk and get some fresh air. U have no idea the value lost. How do u get paid vix? Not from the token?? Yr full of shit, I’m out don’t think on yr next response as it won’t be read, move onto another issue and talk to cats and dogs all day. Good luck with this new centralised swap… puts everyone at risk if u know anything about security… by choosing binance scam chain u have no clue, it’s sad FULL STOP

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My 750k karma points tell me otherwise.

Ok… so you spend a lot of time in your Mom’s basement keyboard warrioring it… got it.

How do u get paid vix? Not from the token??

I have not taken a single distribution of the $WSB token to date. Zero/None because myself and the rest of the exec team decided early on we wouldn’t take any tokens until we fully delivered utility for the project.

Whilst holders are down 90% keep in mind u are no expert.

Where did I ever claim I was “an expert” this complete nonsense again, if you ever think you know everything and stop learning that is when you become a truly sad individual

Do u read the news or spend all day online everyday.

FUCK NO !! that couldn’t be any more unhealthy for someone, most of the “news” is just a cesspool of garbage, have to have work life balance my friend


So u will get paid via the token, you and 4 others calling the shots. Study up on centralized swap dApps no ones heard of and the security risks involved. Its sad you went with BSC??/ hundreds of thousands of people will mis out on this with that one move. Instead of being open minded and looking into regulation like Jaime acknowledges on every interview and embraces it like we all should - I get the standard response of FUD - thats meme coin BS!!! Now if security or regulation is treated that way this project will never be successful. Like calling people consipracy theorists?? No wonder Jaime moved to Mexico. As a dev you need to be a lot more open minded and receptive to feedback or this governance thing is all BS. Good luck man, five investors lost due to your replies and you have no idea who I am or which companies in crypto I have worked for. The 750K plus karma points on Reddit is something im very proud - Ive talked to victims of scams and rug pulls hundreds of times. Tell people not to use leverage, portfolio mange etc etc - responses of people thanking me for saving their lives is something I hold solice to.

Good luck man - Jaime you will be told constantly by devs that this is what “we have to do” seek alternate opinions before allowing anything to proceed. I cant tell you how risky this swap app is, and our stonk dapp clearly states its in beta and not to trade large amounts. Probably not the most secure platform, just saying.

Good luck guys - I mean that, you have lost a few good ones in this industry, and people who think regulation isnt coming I will leave you with this - wake the FUCK UP!!!

Actually stonks is built for Ethereum currently. Nebula would live on Luna. Farming and governance is on BSC. Ultimately funds will need to be reconciled. I don’t think the long-term future of the project will result in the token only on BSC, but that path hasn’t been crossed.

I’m not sure you have used the product specifically stonks which is inclusive of Ethereum users.

The thing about standard financial markets is you have a lot of tools but only a few major markets. With NASDAQ/NYSE for instance you fall victim to HFT and other advantages funds have. You’re also limited by your broker.

In terms of portfolio management, the upcoming product is Macro Hedge ETP which is designed to allow users to manage funds in a completely decentralized way by using a more standard hedging model, see the documentation or other threads.

You’re not required to own our token to use these, but a portion of fees return to the project.

If that’s yr only response look up this acronym DYOR!!! In terms of security DYOR!!!


It’s based on my own research.

Good luck man, seriously good luck

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