Build a consistent UX experience across all websites

I’m just a degen. But I’m also a user and a designer. All the websites launched have different designs. This is acceptable. But they have different top-level menus too. This is painful and not acceptable.

I’m browsing all the site today and often asking…

  • which site am I on r/n?
  • where is that other site again?
  • whats the main one?
  • stonks? what dis?
  • where is the snapshot link?
  • where did that wsb buy link go again

I have patience and two big monitors, but I suspect others don’t. I suspect others leave and give up.

I also imagine you don’t have analytics installed on many of these sites either.

Why can’t every single site have the exact same top level menu like you have on

I’m a designer, builder, web dev, so please let me help you fix it. Please. It’s painful and I like WSB.


I’ve forwarded to the design team. I agree we need more consistency.