Could the WSBpunks NFT evolve in rarity?

Could the NFT evolve in rarity ? As in …taking Apxymous idea from TG a step further…

eg : Caesar is 10k hodler of $wsb dapp gets an NFT airdropped (rarity : common ) Maurice is a 50K hodler he gets an NFT (rarity : rare ) Red Donkey is a 100K hodler gets NFT ( rarity : very rare) , Koba is a 200k hodler gets an airdrop NFT (rarity : extremely rare) …now the fun part, so Caesar is smart he YOLOed into some stonks, ETP’s, commodity’s and made smart profits, now he buys more $wsb dapp (because he knows thats the money of the future) his bag is now 150k $wsb dapp and he noticed that his NFT changed rarity his Common now evolved/transformed into a Very Rare NFT seeing this he apes into buying more $wsb dapp just to surpass Koba’s NFT rarity … Caesar now has a 300k bag of $wsb dapp and his NFT is now part of 15-20 Examples known …next tier 7-10 Examples Known 500k $wsb dapp…next tier 3-5 Examples Known 700k $wsb dapp …final tier 1-2 Examples Known 1mill $wsb dapp…. now the rest of the apes/humans/hustlers take notice of what happened to Caesar and the battle of the apes begins in the Metaverse

other things :

how could Caesar make extra or passive income after he hits the higher tier of NFT rarity without selling the NFT …maybe to be able to mint a “baby” NFT of his ultra rare/1-2 Examples Known tier with $wsb dapp token after a certain tier :man_shrugging: tokens that can be burned/locked in a vault or something ( oh yea i don’t like the idea or burning tokens :rofl:)

Evolving NFT’s its a big challenge( i believe) but we are here to innovate right? and nothing is impossible until its done(sounds cheese i know but either way it’s true)

The numbers are purely for the sake of the example so are the names :innocent:

it would be nice to brainstorm and come up with a different names for the ape rarities , but i do like “1-2 Examples Known” for top tier


I think in the short term, if this idea were to blossom: The rare NFT could then be fractionalized and used as incentives to encourage new users to join our network. This would further enhance the value of the NFT as well as the network.


This is a pretty cool idea - but I imagine the devs might not like it so much :rofl:

Great idea and write up - I’m only sad that I guess your examples are $$'s worth of WSBDapp rather than quantity of tokens… Haha - O well I’ll be happy with whatever I get…:pray:

Really excited for this - let’s see how it plays out…

w/ 1B tokens that’s one way to see it … 500mil wallets
me…i see it as it’s own niche … WSBDapp is the money of the future.[keyword : future]

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similar to what is on discord with levels-and-perks " Role Configuration – All Ape levels have access to “Members Only” chatrooms" "