Day 1 investor, feeling pity for myself

The Story of my WSB journey

Please excuse my BAD English.

I’m one of the first day investor here in WSB.
just like the rest, i bought it on the VERY TOP
around $0.5, 1minute after it was released on the public sale.

i didn’t have the chance to buy the presale because i really didn’t know how.

pity for me after i bought it on the top it goes down really really fast. and I’m like wtf hahaha…

but why did i invest on WSB?
i started my trading journey this January 2021. i trade US stock market after few days in the US market t squeeze GME.
i bought it from $92 and then suddenly it drop after i bought it to $70 - $80 and i sell it.
on that day when the market closed GME price is $240. and again I’m like wtf hahaha…

on that day also i researched about Wsb and that’s the reason why i invested to WSB Dapp.

back to wsb dapp, i still pity myself buying on top and slowly seeing my investment goes to almost 0.
my diamond hand almost crack😢 but still inside me i know wallstreetbets will be BIGGER and i didn’t make mistake investing on this coin.

also everyday since day 1, im very active in our telegram group. you can find me there same with my name here “mingming”.
since day 1 a lot of people fud and shills their coin in to our group.
on the other hand meow meow the admin still doing he’s job to make the Telegram group clean.

day by day people fud, day by day people shills,day by day not too much activity its like a dead telegram group with 100k members on it.
you can always read “wen moon ser”, “wen cmc ser”, “wen binance ser”.
and the day come we got listed on Probit, Cmc, cgc.
Jaime got interviewed by CNBC, Farming and staking V2 just started today which is really great and the Telegram Group are now alive again.

THANKS to the EFFORT of our WSB team.

im happy to all new investor and hodlers, they got themselves a best wsb price right now. they’re very lucky.
as for me i still pity myself since i can’t buy anymore wsb right now i don’t have :dollar: left for averaging down( idk if this is the term).
so i will just rely to farming and staking and hopefully get 100% more.

i want to tell more but i know not everyone will read it and the +CREATE Topic is so annoying that i almost hit it everytime. pls change the location of this +CREATE TOPIC.
maybe put it on the upper right corner.


Cheer to more years to come.
Cheers to more exciting News.
Cheers to more BIGGER CEX.


Ahhhhh - hi MingMing!! I know you from the TG group.

Don’t worry - my average buy in price is a few x above what the current $WSB price is right now. But I am supremely confiedent that in a few weeks/months, our buy in price will be but a distant memory.

Timing the perfect entry price into a trade is completely impossible (as is timing the perfect exit price, which is something to also remember…)

It sounds like the reason you lost out on your GME trade was bad timing due to a little impatience. I have learnt this same lesson the hard way many times. So patience is often the key. But there is someone more knowledgeable than you or I that has expressed this idea perfectly before.

As Warren Buffet once (almost) said: " The crypto market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient."

Be patient. Be diamond hands :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: :raised_hands: , stake in the Diamond Hands pool and reap free extra $WSB, and be part of the change to financial markets as we know them.

Me and many others are in this journey to the moon and beyond, with you!!! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:



Sorry to hear about your situation!

By contrast, I’d like to procrastinate from my day job a little longer to share my story of how I’ve made great gains from my modest investment in the WSB token.

I bought during the presale (I think the total cost was about $267 if I remember correctly), sold half during the peak at a little over $0.30, and at the end of the day had about $1,500 in additional cash plus I still had over 7k WSB tokens. This was my very first presale, and I just barely made it in at the last second, but it’s been one of my most profitable moves in crypto! (sorry for being one of those assholes who dumped on you)

Over the following several weeks, I had $3k-$5k in the farming pools at any given time, and was earning roughly $120-$220/day in new WSB tokens.

I put this income towards other successful BSC network trades and was able to grow my small portfolio of both WSB and other tokens from hundreds of dollars into thousands of dollars very quickly. Then I emptied my pools, kept the 26,000 WSB tokens that where in there, and then took profits from the CAKE and BUSD tokens I had in those pools just before this recent market crash. That was just luck, I didn’t know the crash was coming!

My 26,000 WSB tokens are now in the Diamond Hands Pool. In total, that initial presale investment has earned me around $3k-$4k in gains, and I’m very excited about the future of this project because I think it’ll hit $1 this year!


MingMing, If I were you, I’d go all in. Keep buying WSB. It’s a long term game. I’m consolidating all my loss making BSC tokens into WSB. Sell all the crap and move it here. I get the feeling that we are here to stay and go to the top 100 crypto projects. We have a story, we have a journey. I’ve missed many projects in the past. I don’t want to miss this one. Have a target before you start selling. Set a big target like 500k coins or something and keep building it. If you cannot afford 500k, go for something like 100k. We are truly the early adopters. Don’t miss this life changing opportunity. This is of course not financial advise and DYOR. A project is successful only when there’s a community to back it. With WSB, we already have a community and we are getting stronger. Introduce your friends to it. Make the community bigger and bigger.


99% of my port already on WSB hahaha…

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Hope for the marvel!

Dude, telling an inexperienced investor not to diversify is kinda uncool.

@mingmingmingming you’ve got to make your own decisions, but risking everything on one bet more often leads to regret than success. I’m not telling you to sell, but maybe start buying into other assets rather than only feeding into your WSB holdings.

If you have $1,000 and put $100 into 10 different projects you think might 100x, you’d only need 1 in 10 to be successful for you to 10x your gains. On the other hand, one nasty exploit during the WSB ETP launch could blow up your entire portfolio, there’s no such thing as a risk-free asset (especially in crypto).

Ignore your emotions and do the boring things like avoiding leverage, dollar cost averaging into assets, diversifying, and maybe even use portfolio rebalancing tools like It’s not as fun, but being greedy about “going to the MOOOON” will only mean you’ll end up getting liquidated with every other idiot the next time institutional investors make the market dip.

For every moron who got lucky in crypto that you hear about, there are 1,000 other morons who lost their money to that first moron and had to declare bankruptcy. Literally just keeping steady, patient exposure to crypto should be enough to set you up for life within 5-10 years if you can just keep hold of it and avoid massive losses due to greed and fear along the way.


I couldn’t agree more with what @Isaac has said above.

Prudence and patience are the keys to succesful investing. Prudence = doing lots of DYOR and then spreading your pot around a few projects that you think are high quality. It’s rare that every investment/bet we make pays off. But if you spread your risk around correctly, enough of those bets should hopefully pay off enough to cover the losers.

And as for patience? I think that is self explanatory. lol

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Nice tool men! thanks

Hi, I liked your story. Sensational!

I’ll vent my story too.

I got to know the WSB community after that GME story where a group of sardines did something fantastic against whales. I found this act surreal and exciting.

I joined the group to follow along, but as I don’t understand English I only accompanied it from above and occasionally.

Then I saw that the group was migrating to cryptos, similarly I did the same. I lost money for not knowing the foundation and for being greedy.

So I decided to join the WSB not only for what it can provide, but for its ideology and boldness.

I bought the WSB at 0.19, and since then I have seen my money decrease day after day. But this I know, and I’m sure it’s going to work and has the OBLIGATION to work.

I trust a lot, I’m anxious… and I don’t let go.
I have a diamond hand! I just don’t buy anymore because I still don’t have money available.


Can you help me get unbanned from TG? Lol. Newer investor. I think I said pump and got kicked :man_shrugging:t3::sweat_smile:

@MeowMeow can help - the bots are rather specific on the ban words, I am afraid!

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I should have been more clear. I don;t mean sell everything and go in. I meant, go in with full belief that this project will work. Of course, i don’t wish him to sell his BTC and Eth and move in his funds here. All i meant was pull money out of dud projects on BSC and consolidate in WSB. i’ve got tonnes of shitty coins on bsc. Some may not work out and the best bet would be to just sell and move it here.

Hope it’s clear. Never touch you Bitcoin Mingming!!!


Either define history or become history. We hodl like a boss.