Diamond hands extra rewards

Hi all,

I have one question on my mind, why there are not some extra rewards for diamod hands holders?

Since the farming/staking started the holders are suffering by paper hands. And I can see that it wasnt worth to stake the token from the beginign in comparsion with actual price. I know whole crypto market went down, but we dont want be like other crypto, right?

Sure everybody can do what they want with their token, but I want just say there should be some motivation for diamond hands especialy when we have the diamond hand in the token logo.

What you think?


I think the rewards are sufficient. Naturally, farming is going to have a higher APY (more risk / more reward).

As I’ve stressed in another one of my posts, the $WSB token is NOT a farming token. Its utility comes from the future, in ETPs, so I’d advise not to get too caught up in the reward value of the staking/farming pools. They’ve already lessened each month and are due to be stopped in 3-4 months. The focus should be on getting in early and holding for the long-term potential. I know the developers are busy getting everything ready on the back-end and I am excited to see the ETP product launched/released (est. ~2 weeks).

Hey there. Have you had a chance to check out the Unifarm staking program yet? I know this is an amazing new development for our community that adds value to the WSB token.

I couldn’t see much reason to go into the Unifarm vs holding for current staking rewards. Yes some other tokens at the cost of more WSB. I’ll have a better look when the WSB rewards half again. Maybe make more sense then.

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Ok let me explain my understanding of the reason why the WSB team added this value option to WSB tokenholders.

On WSBDapp, sure, you can stake WSB and earn WSB at the given APY.

On UniFarm, you can stake WSB and still will earn WSB at the given APY. In addition to WSB, however, you will earn on several other tokens that I suspect aren’t just random, but rather strategically chosen to optimize our systems.

I understand its hard for a small team to communicate like I’m sure they would want. Where there is smoke, there is fire, and its billowing out right now! Solid work team!


You sir, are engaging the deep wrinkled brain. Nothing in this project is done randomly…… :eyes::thinking:

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Like people have mentioned, this token is a governance/utility token and more importantly is deflationary. i.e. Not a farming token like $CAKE where millions are minted out of thin air every week. If anything now is the best time to take advantage of these staking/farming rewards, no matter how much it is.
Once ETPs and future development rolls out, I’m sure the $WSB tokens will gain more attraction.