Difficulty of using site

I have been trying to stake wsb for two days now. I’ve jumped through hoops, spent money, and got everything set, or so I thought. I am a reasonably intelligent person, and I cannot figure out how to work the staking. WSB will never be successful if even a very motivated and excited investor like me cannot make it work.

Hello @Cybrbeggr,

Unfortunately, it’s just not super easy to get into staking crypto for the first time. I’ve found the WSB Farm website and resources to make the process easier for beginners than most similar projects do, but many people still have trouble.

I was experienced with staking on BSC before getting into the WSB token (I even took part in the pre-sale IDO), and I’ve even added to my stake as recently as a few hours ago. I didn’t run into any issues today, so I know nothing is broken.

What are you having trouble with and how can I help? Once you get through this it’ll be much easier, and you’ll forever have the knowledge to earn passive income staking crypto!


I echo Isaac’s sentiment. Let us know your troubles as I promise it will click with persistence and support.


Thank you for your response, and to ChaseX as well. I appreciate the effort.

My situation is:

On the app home page go to Stake, Begin Staking

Click Diamond Hands Pool

I am connected through Trust wallet to the correct WSB farming address, but there’s no confirmation on the WSB site and I have to click close the connect wallet options to return to the staking page

#1 Deposit WSB Tokens - The Deposit button does nothing. Not clickable in any way for me I noticed in V1 that the “Migrate to V2” button worked. Then “Stake on V2” was green. However, the connect wallet option comes up if I click it, then closing that brings me back to the same page with no options to continue.

As I mentioned, I am excited about the plans for WSB. But getting coins is tough (not your fault, but a consideration) and I cannot stake what I have. I’m not super literate in crypto, and I’m guessing a lot of interested retail investors are like me. Ease of use is a must.

Thanks for your help.

Have you already been able to purchase WSB Tokens via pancake swap, and do you have a few $ of BNB in your trust wallet to pay for BSC fees?

I swapped Tether for WSB (BEP20) on BitMart and then moved it to Trust wallet. Trust wallet has the address “farm.wsbdapp.com” connected. I don’t have any BNB as I didn’t know I needed it. But as I said, after closing the “Connect a Wallet” tab, which gives no kind of confirmation that it has connected on the site, there are no other options or information presented. No buttons on the page work for me.


It won’t connect from DuckDuckGo browser. Will connect from Safari.
Also: DApp Browser Removal on iOS version of Trust Wallet


DApp Browser Removal on iOS version of Trust Wallet

We are completely removing the decentralized application (DApp) browser from Trust Wallet on iOS starting with our next release (version 6.0). This is required to comply with Apple’s App Store Guidelines and to continue offering and improving our ser

](DApp Browser Removal on iOS version of Trust Wallet - Announcements - Trust Wallet)

I’m not familiar with Trust wallet, but it definitely sounds like you are disconnecting every time you close the “Connect a Wallet” tab. Try minimizing or moving it instead of closing it. Personally, I think Metamask is a much better wallet and it’s very widely supported.

Also, make sure your wallet is connected to the Binance Smart Chain Network, note that this is different than both the Ethereum and Binance Chain networks.

Also, you will definitely need BNB. This is used to pay gas fees for any transactions on the Binance Smart Chain Network. It’s a good idea to keep at least $10 worth of BNB in your wallet.

Lastly, if your wallet is connected but the WSB Farm app says you have a zero balance, there’s a chance you have a fake token. Be sure to look at your account on BSCSCAN.com and make sure the tokens in your wallet use this contract address: 0x22168882276e5D5e1da694343b41DD7726eeb288

All of these aspects which make this kind of thing difficult aren’t really related to the WSB project in any way, it’s just some of the things which make crypto hard and have been holding it back. A lot of smart people are working with crypto wallets easier, things will get much better in time!


Trust wallet is not very good for staking and very unintuitive.

You need to go to the wsbdapp website on your normal phone browser, then click connect wallet and then choose trust wallet.

Then try to stake.

It should then take you through to your trust wallet to approve the txns (there will usually be more than one txn to approve).

Feel free to me if that doesn’t work.



The site is beautiful, very different. It’s just heavy and slow at startup.

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Yes. this is a good point and one where you can get hung up. Make sure you have about 1% leftover or so for fees after your swap.

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