Do not understand marketing/current strategy

I do not understand where our marketing and etp strategy is geared toward. WSB reddit community again is in news non stop with this weeks GME/AMC moves, crypto is strong and alts flying yet no one knows a WSB crypto exists.
Why are we not attempting to associate this project with the massive community that is on reddit?! Who is our audience? Do you think anyone on that reddit board is interested in a Macro inflation hedge ETP? How do we get that community interested in this project? Can we create an ETP for the top ten reddit talked about names over last month? One that updates every month? Sell it as you sitting at home continuing to miss the big trades, this is your opportunity to be in with the crowd.
Also some marketing toward that group that sells on the aspect of just buying this coin as being part of the community, building it and growing it. We have a GOLDEN opportunity that the reddit crowd continues to be in the news and thriving, and we absolutely need to take advantage and associate this project with that group. The herd mentality if and when that group catches on the possibilities are endless, and if we cant get the WSB reddit crowd to rally around this then i see zero chance of this project succeeding


Yep, should be a lot of new wallett holders ready to come on board. Sure this is in hand though for when marketing does start. Seems a no brainer.

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it seems you missed out some AMA’s there is a full story behind why WSB dapp is not associated with WSB reddit people , there is even a movie coming out ,for me the crypto community is bigger then the wsb reddit community , i see $wsb dapp as the early days of the reddit days , this project is 4 months young and reddit its what 10 years maybe? and on top $wsb dapp is exploring new horizons…

All I’ve seen on the site is who the advisors are explaining why Reddit has a negative opinion of the project.

Why in the world would this project use the WSB name, and all lingo/philosophy made popular on the Reddit site but not market to those people?

Im not saying crypto community can’t be bigger than that community, but the idea behind calling the project WSB was clearly to take advantage of the popularity of the Wsb name, so either market to those people or pick another name/route.

I agree that there should be some way to capitalize on the WallStreetBets news cycles. This project is clearly aimed towards that crowd and when we get them engaged, the possibilities are endless. The current strategy seems to be a Product-First strategy to organically draw new investors in but that is very much a long-term strategy.

I think we should take advantage of the fact that the WSB subreddit has fractured out in to many different subreddits since the drama in their leadership happened earlier this year, and many of these new subreddits have gotten rid of stupid rules like “no discussion of crypto”. These communities would be a lot more friendly to this project, the history of bad blood between leadership would not apply, and some of them have huge followings! For example, r/Superstonk has over 580k members.


I agree with this line of thinking, Isaac. Great point. How could we best get the word out to those various subreddits?

  1. We should make a list of subreddits to target.
  2. We should pick someone from our community to post on each subreddit, based on either which of us has the strongest reputation on each subreddit or the most karma overall.
  3. We’ll then have those people post detailed guides to the WSB token and ETPs with links to all the various resources.
  4. They’ll share the URLs of their reddit posts here, and we’ll all go and upvote their posts and comment so that it rises to the top and gets more exposure. We should pick a specific day & time so that as many of us as possible flood reddit with upvotes around the same time, pushing the post into the “hot” category.

I think it’ll be best if we time this to happen just after the launch of the first two ETPs, since that’s kind of the big milestone we’ve all been waiting for.


I wonder if we might be better served to actually see if it’s possible to have someone from the team (or Jaime himself) discuss this directly with the leadership in those separate subreddits for some potential exposure in an AMA or official endorsement. Might come across better than “shilling” it.



Some greats points here, and yes I agree SuperStonk seems to be a much better place the WSB subreddit as of now.

Yeah, that kind of thing would be great!

Either way though, at some point the community will start posting about this project and it couldn’t hurt to support each other.

The difference between a Shill and DD really just depends on whether it’s entirely self-serving, or if it’s a useful, well research and thought-out, and honest post. This is why I think it would be smart to wait until we have the ETPs. I think they’ll really appreciate the inflation-hedge ETP in particular (everyone is looking for somethings safe, stable, and inflation-resistant to park their buying power right now), and that one already has a lot of excellent research done on it which can be easily shared.


I second this. Do we have user data from the reddit group growth that we can compare to?