ETP Discussion Category

Here users can discuss ETPs, the tokens in them, and how they would like to change. This is also a place to TA or due diligence if users want to share their ideas.

Please do not shill specifics tokens (BUY THIS, 80000000% gains now), you will be warned and banned if it’s an issue. Try to include supporting information, evidence and thoughts when suggesting. If you want to discuss a token, or stock specifically please provide research and information. We will open an additional category if needed, but for now please think through what you propose.

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  1. What does it mean that we can’t mention specific tokens – how can we discuss or lobby for a token if we can’t mention it by name?

  2. If we can outline a reasonable argument for a bsc coin that was not in the voting options an we at least try that?

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I assume they mean don’t shill other tokens to buy.
In terms of shilling tokens to add to the ETP is encouraged :slight_smile:

By shill we mean simply just coming on and saying, buy X token it’s the best and you will gain X%.

If you want to post research and analysis for any token to possibly include in a future ETP that’s great content.

I updated the rules a little there, thanks for the feedback. heh! Doing work for me