ETP trust && 👀exposure

First, let me state I’m a 400k WSB HODLer and believe in the mission.
Seeing the DeFI and Macro ETP just 8 depositors and ~100k USD AUM is kind of sad, though.

Trust and transparency

Would you send tokens to a DAP site you barely know? Would you trust the decision of 8 fellow investors? Is WSB about herd movements and mass psychology? Let’s remove this bit of information for now (AUM and Investors) from the DAP site.
It should still be available, since we’re on the blockchain. Link to the platforms that we build upon. Link to an external site, like to see how many investors are there. Link to - if that’s where our pool is implemented. Make it transparent and easy for people to DOYR - do their research. Right now, I just have to trust the site.

Exposure to :eyes:

I mean exposure to people to invest into the pools. How much traffic does get? How much does get? If our pool is implemented there, why don’t I see it? Wouldnt we get the pools to grow if we’d allow folks to invest into the pools through other sites?

So here are the 3 suggestions:

  1. Remove AUM and Investors info from the ETP site.
  2. Link to the platforms and contracts that the ETPs are implemented on - for DOYR
  3. Make ETP pools available on balancer site

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Only 5 depositors now.What a shame.
Just twitter of the same content every day.

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couldn’t agree more and this is a major concern and hope the team resolves… this is the world of web3 and blockchain and need absolute transparency

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Hi ser,

Thanks for your thoughtful input. We always appreciate inputs from thinking apes like yourself!

You make some good points. The pools unfortunately have not gained much traction yet, but the biggest hurdle was building them, and we hope to steadily build traction and awareness with our marketing to bring more people to the site. We have to be clear that we are not a pump and dump and looking for a quick way to the moon. Our long term vision is building a strong foundation for which retail traders can have control of their funds, access to complex financial tools at their fingertips - as you say, in a transparent way. As you know, BTC itself spent years with little to no adoption, and only now is getting the recognition it deserves. Not to say, we think it’s going to take ten years, but we have done a lot in the last 6 month and the ball is just starting to get rolling.

To address some of your points, I think it is actually good to have number of investors and AUM, because that is the beauty of blockchain - it’s transparent. Hopefully, one day when we are in the tens of thousands of holders and get past that critical mass, it will really help. Savvy apes can look it up on ETHscan anyway, so we are just making it more accessible and transparent for the average user.

In regards to Balancer, you can see the pool here: Balancer

This is the primary market, and any savvy ape, is welcome to deposit here. WSBDApp is a secondary market and smoothes the process out for smoothbrain apes who don’t want to figure out the technical stuff. Going forward (actually very soon) our ETPs will be listed on other secondary markets too. We can’t yet state which exchanges, but they are big ones - top tier exchanges, where users of those exchanges can buy and sell our ETP shares there - this should drastically increase usage and awareness. That being said, I like your idea of having a direct link to the primary market too, so I will suggest that :slight_smile:

We are working with a new marketing team too now, and we have many exciting things in store for the next couple of months - so hopefully more traction.

Hope that helps mate. Don’t hesitate to hit us up with a reply or your thoughts!

As an update, I’d like to share that primary markets are now visible on the Macro Hedge ETP!
Thanks again ser!

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Awesome. Great execution.
I wish for more community involvement via this forum, since it’s public and the place for folks that want the first impression.

A lot is happening on discord, but that’s all ephemeral. gov.wsbdapp is the place for lasting and sustainable discussion threads :clap:

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