Faith and truth. Screenshots of our great products

Dear Apes! We all have diamond hands here. But faith sometimes requires miracles. Maybe our dear DevApes will show us other new screenshots of our great products (ETP, SingleStock, etc)? This will be a great miracle!


Did you see WSBDApp Brand Updates. It’s no secret that success for WSBDApp… | by WallStreetBets DApp | Jul, 2021 | Medium


Yes, of course I read the last update. But there are no new screenshots. We’ve seen it all before

We have to wait 2 more weeks 1 August main Product will b live

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I Want to Believe. The Truth Is Out There

i Understand your pain bro early holders are not getting rewarded as they deserved

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Right now it’s best to get things thoroughly audited and verified before launching anything at this stage. There is no hurry as we’re in a bear period currently, so this is the BEST time to develop and get things right before the next bull run.


Sure! I’m not asking about the timing! No need to launch a raw product! But can you show some new pictures? Faith weakens

Who is in the beta testing pool for stocks? Saw info on it, but not seen how to join or view the UI

I don’t know anything about open testing. I think these are fairy tales :slight_smile:

It’s CBT for now. We have some apes from the community who are testing right while we talking


Its super! Im happy! Is it possible to somehow take part in the tests?