Governance token, ETP's 2022?

Thanks for the coherent reply, three things get me in crypto, tether, binance and regulation. Uniswap are working with the NY D.O.J, AAVE are working on two protocols as we speak with a major bank in Europe - one for kyc and another as is version. Can you imagine the amount of people put off by metamask, sending an incorrect transaction - not to mention people with disabilities - governments will soon make it that every crypto wallet will require kyc - this will bring in mass adoption in a morally incorrect way - in terms of decentralization.

AMM’s so far have been an issue in de-fi, manipulated constantly by bots and co-ordinated pump and dumps. On BSC we have bots running rampant, one had over 12k transactions - at $2.5 per tx I doubt any individual would be paying 25k in fees for a .2c stock thats falling. I know this is co-ordinated and within the rules but soon with polkadot, solana also matic, there will be protocols in there for new dex’s to stop bots, co-ordination, fake liquidity, front running orders etc. Even governance tokens were by the community set the rules - not abide by what they are told so to speak.

Ive gone out of my way to help many many investors over the years, to be banned from telegram is somewhat shocking. If you could please pass this on to meow and tell the mods in TG to get some air. I raise these issues and its the standard FUD!!, or a stupid pic sent instead of a conversation we can all learn from. That puts WSBDAPP in the meme category. I know investors who have a lot more money than me and they are put off by crypto in general but love the ETP idea, however they are not investing. As it stands its never going to work with the governance token omics, people are down 80 - 90%, the pool has lost money for marketing or development I assume, ive never seen price action suppressed like this. The synthetics are cool but if you have a day trading account why would we use it? honestly and synthetics have been done by many other projects. Im hoping the ETP’s will gain traction - less than 10k holders (to put it in perspective dog shit meme coins like Hokk have over 30K and its pure vaporware, Kishu 120k, wsb reddit 10 million and our promo video is seen less than 100 times? Something must be wrong.

Anyway at the end of the day there’s thousands of projects, losing money is part of the game, please tell the mods in TG to be a bit more open minded and listen to people instead of banning them for no reason at all. I’ll post this on our community forum to (for transparency) If my opinion is not wanted - I wont waste my time time with these posts, as I only ever try and genuinely help people.


Speak to @MeowMeow , he’ll get you unbanned. Informative criticism is always welcome.


Much of this is valid concern. Regarding the “governments will soon make it that every crypto wallet will require KYC” point, I wouldn’t worry about that. First off, I think the current talk about this it’s simply focused on centralized exchange wallets, not wallets like metamask. Second off, even if they did want it to include metamask, it’s completely un-enforceable. By the nature of blockchains, there’s just no way they can force people to do that if people choose not to listen, so any rules for it are irrelevant.

Right now governments want to try and make a “safe” little playground in the crypto space which they can control, but they still don’t fully appreciate how inherently hard/impossible that will be. Non authoritarian governments also can’t completely fight/ban crypto long term for various reasons (falling behind the countries that adopt it, pissing off the major companies that are heavily invested in it, stifling tax revenue, not being able to actually enforce rules, etc). There will be plenty of regulation scares, anti-crypto propaganda, and nasty tactics coming from the government, but at the end of the day crypto will be the lifeboat the world needs during the upcoming eventual global economic armageddon.

I mean, every fiat currency system in history has failed after just a few decades, and there’s never been a global reserve fiat currency before now (we are 40 years into this experiment).

Whenever they fail, governments have been forced to go back to gold/metal of some kind. This time they’ll be forced to choose, crawl back to the stone age and trade metal again using the same institutions which caused the mess in the first place, or create a new reserve currency based on crypto.


please read up on regulation, vitaliks latests blog on governace tokens and how they are not intended to go up in price - salary for devs etc and collusion (he’s basically written a phd about governance tokens), binance and the 250 cases currently against them, uniswap working with the D.O.J aswell as aave to produce kyc protocols and the massive security issues on BscamChain (dont you see the coins on their???) They say DYOR and people ignore it? Seriously good luck man I dont know you, I wish you well