How many WSB wallets do we have on chain

From WSBsite in April “Our goal is to achieve 10MM WSB wallets on-chain by the end of the year. This is an aggressive goal we know but we’d like to see massive adoption of the token.”

Can someone answer how many active wallets we currently have on chain?

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10635 holders according to

However I don’t know how this is determined at dextools.

Thank you david. That number is embarrassing and very concerning at this point

We still have 15 more days. :monkey:

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Can we have some comment from those in charge of marketing and if we have any sort of new plan in place?

Reaching .001% of your goal is almost impossible to understand

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There are currently 10,829 addresses on BSC and with the newly created ERC-20 around 76 on ETH but you can expect this to grow exponentially.

The number of holders within the Bitmart and Okex is not shared.

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That’s good to know thank you