How to Capitalize on GME/AMC Frenzy


A topic that bears some discussion is how we can best capitalize on the GME/AMC frenzy coming out of the massive r/WallStreeBets instigated trade activity.

If we can get the word out about WSB DApp to those Apes, this project will skyrocket in terms of visibility, participation, market cap, and of course price.

This is a huge opportunity. What are some of the best ways to capitalize on this?

I have a few ideas but would love to hear everyone’s thoughts first.

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The r/SuperStonk has grown quite a bit, focusing on GME. It has more than 300,000 members and they have an AMA weekly or so with people with experience in the financial space. I don’t know if they’d welcome an AMA with Jamie, but that would be a nice way to spread the word.

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The WSBDApp website could simply offer GME, AMC etc tokenized stocks for sale through the website.

Single-Asset is easier than a basket.


I had been thinking about this myself.

I just wonder if there could be potential for increased regulator scrutiny for offering single name/asset tokens…?

But I’d love to see the project at the very least try it out. It would then make it a lot easier for non-US investors to get involved in the GME / AMC etc. action. I’m sure the GME and AMC companies would love it!


I’m not an expert on the topic, but I don’t foresee it causing increased regulator scrutiny. There’s already a project that allows you to buy a “synth” of TSLA, AAPL, FB, GOOG, etc. at Synthetix - Synths.

I haven’t done any research to determine if these “synths” are doing something different, but I don’t think it is.

You’re correct - it’s the same thing. I’m sure it would be fine at first - I’m just thinking into a future where WSB is a big brand in this space, and it’s main audience could/will be US investors. US regulators would then start looking into it.

But that would be a champagne problem…

I also think this idea of action synthesis is cool… using the WSB currency as parity, for example, I want AMC/WSB; GME/WSB…

I guess one of the best ways to simply harness the current frenzy is by creating a YOLO ETP that includes the stonks being hyped currently…GME, AMC, BB, etc.

Someone correct my thinking if I am off base here, as I understand it, a YOLO ETP will allow us to capitalize off of the frenzy while also garnishing massive attention for WSB. It seems like the problem is that the community is totally focused on the stonks and blind to the fact that WSB even exists. Yolo ETP will appeal to people who are stonk-focused so we can actually get our message about WSB token utility conveyed to more apes…instead of convincing people to buy WSB, we can lead them to it by offering a better way to invest in stonks. Very exciting stuff.

I know we are working on proof of concept with our 1st crypto ETP! Just watching the insanity in the community and dreaming about the possibilities of a YOLO ETP asap :heart_eyes:


Completely agree. I know the team are working to get a $STONKS ETP ready asap - they just wanted to get a crypto ETP launched first as it’s a bit easier, being all crypto etc. A synthetic real world stocks ETP will be, I think, a world first. Or if not completely first, the first with a community DAO in control of it.

I agree with you that when the team can launch a synthetic stocks ETP, it should be a memestocks ETP - 100%

Super simple, not too broad - let’s completely hit the WSB fanbase square in the face with an ETP of all their favourite stonks - $AMC, $GME, $NOK, $BB for sure, and then maybe (MAYBE) a few others might make sense (but I would need guidance from people who know that Reddit crowd - I certainly don’t). But from what I’ve seen in passing, things like $SPCE and $GRWG might be additive as well. But I am a HUGE believer in keeping things simple.

$AMC, $GME, $NOK and $BB seem to have way more than enough traction and fame (infamy?!) to make the perfect, simple, first MEMESTONK ETP.

BUT - I would LOVE to hear the WSB community’s thoughts on this, though. PLEASE comment/reply below!!! :clap: :rocket: :banana: :banana: :banana:


I think we should start a vote on the meme stocks. The winner of the vote gets published on the wsbdapp as priority.

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The consistent message in Jaime’s interviews today was the concept of a stonk/crypto blend. I think the soonest we could do this with the Stonk ETP idea the better. Good one!

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I’m pretty sure the team’s plan is to get this first ETP live and then move onto discussions for the meme stonks ETP.

Can’t wait! :gorilla: :rocket:

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