I am a new participant still trying to figure out how to put funds from my wallet into one of the mining funds on WSB DApp

I am also new to cryptocurrency so I am still learning all the other basics too. I would like to use my coinbase wallet to pay.

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I don’t know much about Coinbase but I suggest you join the official Discord server for more immediate assistance on buying the token.

Good luck!

It’s pretty intuitive mate. Once you get to the the stake page, you can click on the pool you would like to invest in and load it up. Note, that if you want to enter the multi-coin pools you will need equal value of each coin to load up liquidity. If you are just single staking in the Diamond Hands pool it’s a lot more straight forward if you have your WSB tokens.
Setting up the wallet can be the trickiest part. You will need a Metamask or Trust Wallet. Personally I find the Metamask more intuitive, but it’s up to you. I have posted the guide for this below.

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