I have 2 questions

Hi WSB team,

I have two questions regarding the NFT project. As we can see we have 200 tickets sold from 30000 pieces. It is obvoius there is no demand for this kind of investment.

  1. Why the WSB token holders were forced to buy sometnig more and owning of WSB token is not sufficient to get NFTs, rewards and advantage in farming?

  2. Why we didnt vote here whether there is any interest in this NFT project? I thought WSB tokens give owners right to vote, and if you would asked me whether I would like to buy jpeg or ETP…you can answer yourself. So my personal opinion is that the team should focus more for developing the ETPs instead of this jpegs.

But still I understand there could be some demand for NFTs and we could attract more ppl from this sphere, but I think it is really small group of investors who are specialized in this kind of investment.


What sucks about this is really just the market timing and lack of marketing exposure. The market hit another rough patch right before the launch, which is unfortunate. In addition, I follow this project very closely any didn’t learn about the NFT project until today. The medium post is very recent and I don’t remember seeing anything here about it. If I missed it, I’m sure many others did too.

I think the NFT concept is really good actually, and also think the general strategy is a good idea for bringing in more income to grow the project and fund all the necessary ongoing dev work. I can tell they put a lot of thought into the launch mechanism and the artwork is great.

Unfortunately, they could use a better marketing strategy. I do agree that they should involve and nurture this community a bit more. I think the team is doing a great job, they might just be missing a team member with the right core competency for community management and marketing.


There are great points raised by Jerry and Saint and particularly salient especially during this down market time.

It feels like a lot of decisions are being made outside of the community – despite this being a community token and us supposedly having voting rights. We invested in WSBDapp and this project for ETP’s and Stonks, not NFT’s.

NFT’s are not a feature or function of Wall Street and whatever goes on there that we are supposedly combating. Yes – they are very topical / trendy and maybe they could be a good vehicle for increased marketing and awareness (although I’m not sure of the synergy / benefit / likeness of investors NFT to ETP).

The NFT idea seems to have come about due to the topical hype and the community should have had a vote or greater input in going down this track – or at least share some justification up front. Unfortunately it feels like ETP’s and Stonks have been side-lined or given less priority while a massive effort has gone (very quickly) into Decentraland, the metaverse, free collectibles and the Diamond Pass raffle tickets.

It has now been one month and 3 days since the discussion of additional stonks was initiated and we still don’t have a vote! At the very least, we should have clearly communicated updates and timelines as to when these things will happen. Set the right expectation and deliver! And what about a performance update on the existing stonks?

Same for ETP’s – it’s been a couple of months or more. Understood there are some back office technical elements to fix, but timely communication and updates are lacking. Just earlier today there is a mid-chat mention on Telegram that ETPs will now be sometime next week, not tomorrow as earlier indicated. It seems it’s always next week…! This came at the same time as the NFT draw being mentioned as being put back – like a ‘o by the way…’ but not formally communicated.

Also, the extension of the Farming / Staking – was always mentioned that the community could vote to extend, but has since been announced as extending without a community vote.

So regarding the point from Saint: “Unfortunately, they could use a better marketing strategy. I do agree that they should involve and nurture this community a bit more. I think the team is doing a great job, they might just be missing a team member with the right core competency for community management and marketing….”

Agreed – and whilst I also applaud the efforts by the team on the podcasts and interviews etc, we need more visibility and effort to actually communicate, market and promote WSBDApp. Effort on Youtube subscriber numbers would help also!

The bottom line - more effort or possibly a better skillset would really help to bring cohesiveness and clarity to these communications, internally and externally across Telegram, Discord, Twitter etc. and less a. feeling of ‘winging’ it.

O and when real marketing???


I invested since the start of project and I was also disappointed for this NFT feature of WSB since I am expecting Stonks and ETPs but they give us NFT which is not needed. All of the people invested in WSB bought the coin because of the goal of bringing the traditional finance to blockchain but still the utility hasn’t yet available. The dev team should focus on additional Stonks, ETPs and smart chain or polygon network integration to lessen the gas fee instead of bringing another way for the investor to spend some money through NFTs. Smart Chain or Polygon network would help to attract retail investor to use the platform cause no one will trade Stonks or ETPs for $100+ gas fee.
Take note that synthetic stocks is not very attractive to retail investor so they need to give some advantage for trading synthetic stocks and having high gas fee literally put this synthetic stocks to more disadvantages position. Lets just be practical here.


I have to say that I’m greatly disappointed with that NFT project … I’m expecting ETPs and stonks not pictures and media … although I see the future of NFT, but if I wanted to invest in that I would not be here


I thought the same…initially. The implementation was lacking, detail lacking, detail of why buy the NFT lacking. Thats all come out since some grumbling in discord and telegram. And what I’ve seen this has given me a lot more confidence that this nFT project will work out just fine.
The art work looks great, it will push the project to new people as well hopefully.

I’m also impressed by the new mod in Discord, Ben Stonks. Seems like a cool head,on experienced shoulders.

Definitely though, a case of less haste more speed is needed to stop the miscommunication and rapid fire turnaround on dates.

Onward and upwards apes…we got this :earth_asia:


Agree with the sentiment for Ben on Discord - very level headed and experienced, totally on the ball! Not that I’m not impressed with the guys on Telegram - I enjoy the interactions with those guys too, just Ben seems to have a little more ownership and knowledge in the NFT space.

The above aside though - still want to know what’s being done to drive the ETP and Stonks for this project.


It feels like this project is being run like a traditional business rather than a defi project. There seems to be little alignment between marketing, development, product design, it’s as if there’re a group of agencies that are each individually executing projects with little awareness or concern for the projects vision. It’s early days yet in the big picture, but trying to force community engagement with regularly scheduled tweets and over-architected messaging is not the way to do it. It’s almost like the contractors making this project happen, with the exception of meow, are not part of the community they are trying to grow, they’re more just making a paycheck


Can someone link me these NFT tickets???
WHERE is this heads up!?! I would have bought a lot of them.

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www.wsbcollectibles.io or click the link in the main website…

Agree here. Wtf does this project have to do with the vision wsbdapp was sold as? Can’t garner any interest in wsbdapp itself so let’s shill some shit nft that there is clearly no demand for?

Instead of marketing and getting out the coin and original vision all concentration is on nfts?

I’d say a lot worse but unfortunately have a vested interest in this not going to shit


I’ll not dress this up anymore than this I just posted as a reply to Blueprint on the WSB Ape Out Club TG - it fits with the overall topic: (Sorry another long one!)

… It’s not to say I am either bullish or bearish – just disappointed at the communication and this overwhelming focus on NFT – it’s not what I got into WSBDapp for.

For the voting (Discord) – basically anyone can vote – so it’s not a WSB holder vote and as you can read in Discord, so many people have absolutely no clue or interest in WSBDapp.

I do have two tickets, I bought because I want the utility that will benefit me as a long term WSB holder – mainly staking and of course, yes I’ll take it if money can be made out of the additional 3 NFT’s.

As for this late change, it strikes me that the way to procure NFTs didn’t need ‘revolutionising’ and actually the result is poor – and I question the gas saving as we need to keep spending on gas for mint, burn, unlock etc. A shame when so many other NFT projects that follow a simple mint and release on OpenSea or other places sell out and increase in value within days.

For this delay – and the Super Duper OG Diamond Hand with bells on, it’s like putting lipstick on a pig and calling it Peggy Sue… at the end of the day, it’s still just a pig! Now I’m not saying this is a pig – but actually we have no clue what the extra value is that everyone is clammering (or not) to get.

Anyway – apologies long and this detracts from my real issue – how are these NFT holders adding value back to WSBDapp – what is the utility they bring…. and…… where is the ETP and some update on Stonks?

I’m still in, but reticent to put my name / effort to anymore tweets etc when WSB hasn’t yet delivered on the messages I was sharing and promoting….


I can tell you what is the extra value of the new jpeg, it is righ to vote.

"OG POWER DHP holders will have voting rights on various future WSB projects, and be given exclusive access to a private Discord channel where you can chat directly to the WSB team! "

In translations it means that the voting rights were taken from the WSB holders to the jpeg holders and the WSB token is more and more useless.

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Are you f*cking serious? That’s the token utility, holding the token will grant you voting power and not the NFT. I hate the current direction of the team. It seems like they gave up their first goal but I do get them, no one trading synthetics so they shifted to NFT to chase the trend. But it backfired already since alot of holder sell their token because of this shit NFT. Its obvious that the NFT project is a flop, only sold 300 tickets that’s why they where force to extend it multiple times and still can’t even sell a thousand tickets and they keep saying that there’s a huge demand for NFT :joy: Even if they extend it until the end of the year they won’t manage to sell all those ticket

The ETP will be launched shortly. On my end that’s still the focus, and once the first is up it should be quick to implement more. Development is just wrapping up. I can’t personally talk on the NFT since I’m tasked on Governance and ETP. I think this is a marketing focus.

Once Macro Hedge is out we should host a vote on the future ETPs. 20 Assets proved to be too much overhead in fees and liquidity for the first launch. Swap Fees will be used as promised. The delay with this development has been finalizing the implementation with our partners.


ETP has really taken this long to get right. So while I’m sync’d (development team primarily) with the other activities there simply was a development process that would only flow at a certain rate. On the project directly, not a contractor I only benefit if the token price does well. Currently that’s my main motivation to find products that win I have 100% of any team funds I received.

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I appreciate the response and insight into what you’ve been working on. Maybe it’s a communication issue then, I don’t know. I guess I’m just that curmudgeonly old man who doesn’t get or care to get the NFT stuff, and wants to see the original mission of this project succeed. I’m glad to hear you do to!

This is why we have the gov forum. See ETP Imminent post, it’s coming very shortly.

NFT is something for the team to work on in tandem. We don’t expect everyone to jump on board. We’ll be running votes for the future ETPs. It has taken longer than we liked, and NFT instead of a pivot is a complimentary product to show momentum.

I understand, if this info that you’ve just shared had been communicated to the community as it became known, I would have felt way more secure and confident in the project and I might have even given the NFT thing a try just to be a team player and to help the project out. Development hurdles are part of the game, not something to hide from your community.

This is what I mean about the disconnection- your marketing agency is not part of our community, and they message us like we are some ridiculous ape persona outsiders.

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I will take this to our marketing directly. We’re going to do a marketing push around ETP and other development (stonks updates). I try to take the information I have for ETP and stonks clear and semi-dense. Actions speak louder than words so look for launch and improvement.