Implementing Options on Synthetic Stocks

I would like to propose that crypto-settled European style options are implemented into the dApp. I really like the idea of this dApp, but as of right now would still prefer the stock market because of the versatility that options have. It’s like the difference between painting in black and white, and painting with all the colors. If options are something that people like the sound of, there may need to be some automatic safeguards in place for strategies with a lot of risk.

In any case, I just wanted to bring this idea to the attention of the devs and the community, I look forward to seeing what this becomes!


It’s a great idea and pretty sure it’s being considered…. :clap::wink:


I’ve heard of some crypto projects already working to make this happen! It’s just one of those things (like synthetic stonks in general) that need a bit of time for the technology and players to get in place. At the end of the day, I think smart contracts will allow for new types of options and things we probably can’t even imagine yet!


Yes right now is still early stages. Once more variety and liquidity gets added, I’m sure things will start to transition accordingly. We’re still so early at this stage, synthetic stocks on the Blockchain is not very much heard of as of yet, so this gives us time to grow and be ready when the time comes.