Inflation-Hedge ETP

I recently saw this video about Michael Burry’s massive investments to make gains from hyper-inflation:

After seeing that video, I bought into an inverse ETF against 20+ yr treasury bonds to copy some of his strategy.

I doubt we would be able to get a ticker like TBF added to an ETP anytime soon, but there are surely some assets which could be grouped together to form an inflation-hedging ETP.

Honestly, I think cryptos might work for this even if we can’t get synthetic commodity stocks or ETFs anytime soon. What about low volatility tokens, Pax Gold (pegged to gold), or ICP cycles (which are pegged to SDR)?


Like it, a lot. Perfect theme for the crpyto community to buy into - they are already convinced of this argument.

And I’m sure plenty of more traditional stocks investors understand the theme, too.


I like the idea and agree with WSBWhales that incoming inflation is top-of-mind in the crypto investing space.

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Having talked to the WSB DApp team extensively about this - all i can say is that a ‘Macro hedge’ ETP product like a 2021 crypto version of the SDR, is in the works and would be very very on-brand. It would be awesome to have a global currency which is not designed to ‘moon’ but is simply designed to out-perform any 1 fiat currency’s degradation of purchasing power.
This would also be relevant in both a bull and bear market.


Love it. Can’t wait to hear what’s in the works. :clap: :+1:

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That’s great, so excited to learn more as things develop!

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Great idea. Would love to see this implemented with synthetic and/or linked equity, commodity, and credit tokens.

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