Introducing WallStreetBets Ape Out Club

Calling All Degen-Ape-Brains (smooth and wrinkled alike):

Join us for a week or two or however the hell long it takes — of WallStreetBets inner-circle community discussions and mini-events, as WSBDApp takes a big leap towards the public phase of DeFi’ing Wall Street.

Stuff we’ll cover for Ape Out Launch:

  • WSB Mission to Andromeda — The WallStreetBets Public Mission Statement
  • WSBDApp Product Summaries & Demo’s
  • The WSB Roadmap
  • Special Insights Report by Jaime and Team
  • Ape Recognition & Ambassador Program

See the new ‘ape-out’ channel in the WSB-Members-Only category of our Discord to catch up to speed.

First item on the agenda is community collaboration on a public facing official WallStreetBets Mission Statement.

Here’s the doc:

It’s commentable, which means you can highlight words or bits of text and then add comments into the sidebar.

Apes on our Discord so far say:

“pretty neat statement, nothing to object or to add at this moment"

“Looks beautiful I’m just ape no edits from me”

It’s not only meant for ‘finalizing’ and ‘polish’ but it’s up for debate, vote, rehash, or even start from scratch, if that’s what the community decides.

Have at it.

The doc again:

And see you on the Discord ape-out channel for moar.