Issuing a token on r/WSBDapp

Just wanted to put an idea out here for fellow apes to get feedback on. What if we issue a token on the subreddit board as well and use it as part of our governance discussions? Would it also be easier for current wallstreetbets reddit members to transition over? We then use our other platform for actually investing in the etp itself. Would love for someone to help me expand or modify this thought. Thanks!!

I honestly think that would just add confusion and we really only need one governance token. Even as it stands now, some people who are new to crypto have a hard enough time grasping how this whole thing works.


The reason I propose this because the mechanics behind reddit and their voting allow for similar topics and comments to be up voted and can help determine a consensus view point of the community. I think it could really help people inside the reddit community & r/wallstreetbets community to come over easily without leaving the ecosystem which is really helpful. R/wsbdapp could issue a token with a hard cap and the community members would need to earn the tokens by contributing and other members up voting comments on topics. I was doing some research on the r/cryptocurrency token $moon and found it very intriguing. What if r/wallstreetbets did it? What if r/wsbdapp beats them to the punch and issue one first?

Watch Chico crypto talk about the moon and bricks token for the r/cryptocurrency & r/fornite subreddit. Inspired my thought for the post.

Hi wsbdapp team @wsb_g @BTCVIX etc, if you guys do release a coin on r/wsbdapp. Call the coins Tendys. You’re welcome lol

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it’s not an easy task to educate the new people as it is $wsb , because there has a few scams already and on top of it there are other projects under the WallStreetBets name also not related to the real WallStreetBets , it will bring more confusion to the table, but it’s a interesting concept it would be nice to bridge somehow the platforms on certain posts/topics/upvotes and whatever you write here or o reddit in the comments it will show up on both platforms, then you would not need another token , the catch is you would need to login with metamask and hold $wsb for reddit users (maybe the team could even do airdrops for reddit users …let’s say for 10000 wallets for the YOLO ETP )

The tokens on reddit are erc-20. I wonder if the wsbdapp team can issue a wrapped $WSB token then can be a bridge between the two platforms. I think it would be convenient to onboard reddit users to the etp’s if the voting process was on reddit. It would be less of a leap. Then also users could use the wsb erc20 token to buy the etp? Not sure exactly how etp’s work. I believe the etp’s are going to be using erc20 standard. but would be cool if the etp was on a DEX and users could swap their wrapped $wsb for the ETP.

ummm in the long run the teams goal i believe is to make this platform more popular then reddit when it comes to crypto-stonks talks, also if reddit made possible " occupy wall street 2.0 " … gov.wsbdapp will make " occupy wall street 3.0 " , the ETP will be available at 1st on ETH ecosystem followed by BSC , if Balancer stays on schedule

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