It's not just a basket of crypto- some thoughts on spreading the word about WSB/ETPs

If you have read the WSB docs but not the Balancer docs, go read the Balancer docs. You can skip over the parts on the math, but the workings of Balancer are the workings of the ETP, so it is necessary reading.

With that out of the way, my first thought on spreading the word: show them the ETP paper first. The litepaper explains how WSB and the DAO works, but the ETP is the value proposition. So if the person you’re sharing with is at all shrewd, it will be much better to show them the ETP paper first.

Next thought, and this is one I’d just like a moderator to send up the chain: have the AUM for the ETP shown on a daily basis rather than an annual basis. 2% will scare people away, .0055% will not. It doesn’t matter that it’s the same thing because people are irrational. .0055% will look like nothing compared to the APR from trading fees and balancer rewards (especially if those are shown primarily on an annual basis, but that would be a bit shady, probably better to show everything clearly, like showing the daily APR - daily fees APR = expected daily result APR).

My final messaging point circles back to the title and reading the Balancer docs: it’s not just (or even mostly) a basket of crypto! It’s a tradable share in a diversified crypto liquidity pool. You probably shouldn’t say that word salad to a newbie, so just get the main point across that ETP holders earn trading fees and Balancer rewards.


  1. Show ETP paper before litepaper
  2. Devs please show AUM on a monthly basis
  3. ETPs earn fees and rewards

Do you mean show the 2% annual management fee as the daily rate instead? If so, it’s a great idea.

Your mention of AUM (assets under management) has confused me a little…


Yeah I thought I saw the team refer to it as that. That’s what I’m referring to, yes.