Marketing, next steps and our direction

As much as I have confidence in the team and the upcoming products – we need to start generating additional exposure. The price of WSB is not going to increase without more transactions, buyers and holders. It is a sad to see our tweets barely get a handful of likes and re-tweets-and the degen youtube video is only just over a 100 views.

I know it keeps getting said that marketing will start when the products are released, but some efforts and tangible assurances are needed now. And it’s not just about Jaime doing his interviews – even as great as they are!

There are a ton of polls on twitter for best coin, most potential gain, best community etc., we need to get behind these also. Check Coingecko one today.

In addition, we need updated tokenomics that are understandable – what is in circulation, what is vested etc., how and where the marketing fund is used? Still no one replying in this question despite asking many times over the last weeks.

The website is still poor and too ‘meme’ like – we need it to be more cohesive and dovetailed for the different elements and offerings…

Lastly – an updated roadmap – where are we going and what’s the timeline?

It really is great work to bring us this far – but we need a serious step up to regain the losses and put us at the level we deserve for this kind of blockchain innovation.


Excellent! I agree with every word!


Great points. Want to answer to some of them:

Regarding website: we have made a redesign of it and it will be released soon. Yet, memes are essential part of WSB community and we like them a lot too.
Technical data, roadmap and other stuff will be updated later, team was extremely busy with shipping update and as soon as it will be done, we will update everything to the point.

Regarding circulation, you can easily check it by yourself, by going to the WSBDApp medium and checking the unlock graph. I don’t have it in from of me, but that post explains unlocks pretty well


Meow, ETP will be launched in the first half of August 2021?

Can’t remember exactly what date, but expecting it mid-end Q3.

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Fully agree with you! As the team and the idea/project are both great I fully trust them to make this story a mega success. I think we just have to have patience and everyone will be happy soon!


Its hard to get your head round how the publicity generated by Jamies interviews are not translating into new holders. Pretty much the same as end of May. Frustrating to see, as we all know the potential of this product. It seems though we got to keep our powder dry until there is a decent ETP product to market and then push. I have great hopes for this project, and really hope its gets some traction. Not just for my investment, but the team behind it deserve success. Lets not forget the ethical reasons behind why this product should exist.

The new video is great, strong production and storyline. But, until we get proper marketing and a product that is easy to trade, its hard to see how we are going to be able to significantly get traction to start shifting the WSB value back up.

If the team are working on some kind of integrated wallet creation, that I feel would make it much easier for new people to Crypto to get involved. Having to sign up for a wallet in the first place stumps a lot of people.


Hi all,

I just want to note, that everybody here could inform about this project in their social media groups.

Instead of writing here how the marketing should be done, please give your time to chose some social media group and place here some interesting news about the Dapp progress.

Me personaly doing once per time sumarization of news translated to czech / slovak language and share interensting links to the CZ/SK crypto groups on FB and I have also asked for creation of CZ/SK TG group which is live now.

So please try to think this way, keep the devs and marketers do their work and try to help.

—sry for language–

Apes together


Really so long - I understand there are delays because of Balancer Labs auditing, but the impression is sooner rather than later. Your comment suggests we could be looking at September?!

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Thank you for your reply and the few points answered - I’m not against memes either and also believe it is part of the essence of WSB - will look forward to the new website.

For the circulation - I know the chart you mention, but honestly it’s not really very informative and hard to read the ‘blocks’ of data. Moreover, there is no information on the vesting periods - when will the vested tokens unlock?

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I think this is a good suggestion but single instance articles written by a few individuals with little or no credibility or relevant followers will have little impact. And I don’t mean you have no credibility but we need the weight of the community as well as WSB behind these efforts.

I mention above about the various Twitter polls / tags - shame we can’t post them to the telegram - but would be good for the moderator / admins to share them to the community for our engagement also. This is how the community can really help promote to much wider audiences…

Eg.: (115k followers) (745k followers) (560k followers) (800k followers) (110k followers) (300k followers) (Lots of followers - Think I was banned and he’s a twat anyway - but just another example…:laughing:)

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Every little impact counts! We have 10k holders lol.

I would suggest some competition how many ppl can u attract through refferal links or something like that.

Hey @MeowMeow is it possible to do some competition, where we can get rewards for attracting more ppl to buy?