Millionaires are made in bear markets?

is this statement true? for me at least i’m experiencing the 1st bear market ,would love to hear some of the OG’s that experienced previous bear markets on how and if they successfully made money and here i’m talking about empowering also the everyday average joe who got a 9 to 5 job and want’s to fucking exit the corrupt system (or got rekt by Luna lol r.i.p), i’m …lets say i’m lucky enough that my job is something that i really love to do, but i’m pretty sure many of us as we like to call ourself in this this web3 space “apes” have some insights on different topics and “hobbies” would love to hear some stories. if a bear market does not bring us together to find solutions then what will do it? Sharing is Caring. (if you know from there is the quote (no internet search) then you already act/think differently regarding the established system lol)