Never thought we would get this low

At this point in the run, its painful to sell but had to a little since didn’t see a promising come back in the short run and needed some cash. And am scared it will fall to 1c. As it recently seems to just be following btc on the downfalls and not on the bounce ups. In the long run I see great potential in the project and on the coin, but the question is how long


Major cause of price droping is Farming and no marketing strategy after this kind of drop m not expecting any gains in long run maybe ill see break/even maximum

No need to market something that doesn’t exist yet. Be patient. ETPs are coming. This is a serious project and unlike 99% of other projects in crypto, we don’t need a ton of shilling, hypes, overpromise/underdelivering, etc.

I know the team has a marketing plan once we have products released and such.


Agree. A project of this magnitude will need patience. I’m actually pleasantly surprised we have gotten this far in such a short period of time.


just forget that you invested and come back when bitcoin recovers maybe on 2024. No one get rich in just a second. Time is needed

I can understand the frustration, especially if you were in here from day 1 like some of us. However like @FloppyDrive said, this is a project like no other and we will be the first to roll out the concept of ETPs, and once they come into fruition, not just crypto people but people who are more familiar with the TradFi stock market will follow through.
I suspect once this happens, much more retail money will flow through to $WSB as they will have exposure to crypto and stocks.


Hahaha I should post more often. After I posted it surged 82%

Are you sure you’re looking at the right token? Current price is showing as $.0268 and has been sitting around here for a few days: Chart

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It went up to 4c briefly. But has gone down again

The coin just falls… hey, losing a lot. Should improve the Farm to help the guys to recover.

Just curious, what do you think about the farm needs to be improved?

Imagine he means the rewards. But people dumpin rewards if half the reason we got here :wink: patience grasshoppers


We all know, farming projects that use native tokens will dropping. So is with WSB. People who get free WSB from farming sold theirs and result in inflation. BUT, keep in mind that WSB is different from other coin farming. WSB will be used by the user to gain access to ETP, EXCLUSIVELY. Maybe there will be a tier system in the future, I don’t really understand. But I am sure that when ETP is published, the tier system is implemented, and ETP product shows reliable performance, marketing will run by itself.

It would be great if in the farming or staking, the rewards were higher with longer time u have staked. Better motivation for long term holding.


Pool with locked reward… locked time, that would decrease the sale.

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I believe this is not true. Afaik the only planned use of $WSB for now is governance, i.e. voting. Also no mentions of a tier system thus far…

Yes, but don’t forget about voting on the treasury. IMO, that’s what makes owning $WSB tokens worthwhile. See here for my outlook on this:

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Indeed. IDO was only a couple of months ago, and products seem like they will be launched pretty soon.

That can be something else we can vote on I think