Polygon expansion?

Hello fellow apes,

I’m perfectly aware that developers are occupied right now and just want to open a discussion about Polygon expansion as past days I’m thinking it more and more. Could it be more worthy to be there instead of BSC?

I’ve become more and more attached to Polygon as transactions are almost instant and GAS price is just … well almost not existent :smiley:
More and more DEXes and other dAPPs are expanding over there as well.
As of recently Balancer has expanded to Polygon, which now clears our path to go there.

We could work with DEXes like Polycat and DFYN as they tend to be open to new projects. Polycat has community pools and DFYN is aiming to be Multi-Chain DEX.

Your thoughts on that possibility in the future apes?

  • Should WSBDapp consider Polygon Expansion instead of BSC?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Please discuss more

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I’ve got quite involved in the Polygon (MATIC) ecosystem this year and very much agree with your thoughts on speed and gas prices. And the fact that the network is growing a lot for both of those reasons.

Also agreed on Polycat and DFYN - they seem to be doing this very well, have excellent traction and growth and would be very interesting potential partnerships.

BSC seems to have descended into a mess of memecoins and its “brand value” has dropped a lot.

Equally, I’m well aware that any change of network would be a huge amount of work and the devs have put so much work into what we already have, so it’s not something quick or simple to do.

But an interesting conversation to start having for $WSB.


How does security compare on Polygon vs. BSC?

Well I’m not the best person to give such opinions, but given that Polygon is Layer 2 ETH EVM and so it’s DeFi and BSC is actually a CeDefi (Centralized Decentralized) I would trust Polygon a bit more than BSC.


Polygon would be great to consider, ETH 2.0 will roll sometime Q1 2022 which is still a while away, so the next best thing to branch off to is Polygon.

Admittedly, I am a Binance Smart Chain guy for this project. CZ, Brian Brooks, proper regulation, are all gears floating around in my minds machine of making this decision as a US investor.

Also as a US investor I don’t know the other wallets as well and admittedly am ignorant to their inherent advantages for this project.

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I am a huggggeeeee matic

One thing we have to work out is how other chains will also be able to have voting rights – to my understanding this one of the bigger concerns that has come out of the dev team and needs to be explored more


Correct. Would be nice to vote with BSC. However, I have not moved from BSC so that I can vote, for what that’s worth…

Would be nice if mirror.finance also allowed link to BSC as I’d like it to be easier to stake in those funds and see those synthetic assets all the way through…

Hadn’t thought of that but it is, of course, a key issue!