Rewards staking Boring but safe pool

I believe in this project and invested in the pool. What is the best action for my unclaimed rewards ? I want to HODL a few years but i want good rewards.

so there are a couple of options… you could split 50/50 into diamond hand pool(the most safe) but lower APY and boring but safu pool with a bit higher APY ,now for the fun part after the farming period ends we will move into staking , i dont know if you are aware of our Diamond Hand Pass NFT you will get an extra yield just buy holding it plus some other perks " Utility Recap If three future free claims [ape, bear & bull] + a master challenge reward isn’t enough - this is a reminder this project already has an active token/DApp. Not interested in higher yields? Cool. Free Blockchain domain via Unstoppable Domains. More still? A community of like-minded diamond hand holders, capped at 7500 NFTs." now you can mint them at but those are genesis mints our you can buy from the paper hands sellers under the minting price at the OG ones “only 1,194 OG POWER NFTs” will ever be , feel free to join us in discord for more updates or questions WallStreetBetsDApp