Shares of A Wallet: The Ideal Future for ETPs

Imagine an ETP where every asset was an LP in a farming pool.

Or one in which you could hold assets from any smart contract platform.

It would essentially be a wallet with a tokenized representation of the value held. Like with balancer the entry/exit exchange calculations would be controlled by smart contract.

With a tokenized wallet, you could enact strategies that would attract Defi degens: you could do leveraged yield farming on Alpaca or hedged yield farming strategies using Binance and PCS (e.g. farming with Cake while holding an equally sized short position on Cake through binance).

The ability to go beyond balancer and into tokenizing any wallet is, in my opinion, the inevitable ideal for what we’re trying to achieve with ETPs. I’m also pretty sure this is where the space will go whether we lead the charge or not. So I was wondering (and I’m particularly interested to hear from devs on this), is this what you see in your long term vision for the project?


I love the market neutral idea with farming cake and shorting cake on binance. Will some people smarter than me to design the contracts to run that strategy though!

Listened to you talk about this in voice chat. Very good idea! This is the way. Once more people understand the power and agilty we will have with these ETP’s we will attract alot more attention.