Shitcoin shilling in TG

Quite a bit of shitcoin shilling going on in TG lately.

Don’t want it to turn a way potential new investors who may be finding us because of GME/AMC frenzy. They may think it’s “just another shitcoin shill group.”

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i strongly recommend that wsb dapp coin should have its own TELEGRAM GROUP.

seriously, we need it.
Wsb holder can’t talk too much, can’t share ideas, can’t open arguments, no nothing.
I’m also tired of going to wsb group since i cannot even relate to them.
always spamming there amc and gme.


Please admin make one.
and soon we can connect this 2 groups when everything is running smoothly.

i promote wsb coins to other people tell them what is it all about, they ger interested and then when they go to our telegram group they lost it.
they asking me always why not make our own telegramgroup.

other shitcoin have their own exclusive telegramgroup so they will know how active is the community in the TG.

but for us, we have also active tg group but only those stocks related.

I really agree… because in the current group there are several issues and it’s kind of difficult to follow the same.

Maybe it’s time to move the live chat communication onto a more organized platform like discord, and then leave TG just for WSB-related announcements. Discord would allow for the ability to organize topics a bit better, and it would be a more appropriate place for the shitcoin shills.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually don’t mind the shills and some have been useful, but it should not be the front-and-center face of this project. That does give the wrong impression and make this look like another shilling chat group, distracting from the actual project and goals.

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lukcy you bro.

but not everyone is like you.
some new investor are heavily relying in TG.
since not all new coins are listed on bigger exchanges.
they want to see how much is the community activity on that tg group,how people ar3 really interested on the coin, how the community interact to each other. how solid is the community on thay tg.
that’s some i know investor wanted.

I’m not sure I understand your reply. Most projects have a TG announcement channel and a Discord server for community chat. Discord has nothing to do with being listed on big exchanges and lots of small projects use it.

With TG, each group must be followed independently and they aren’t linked together.

With Discord, you just join the server and all chats are neatly organized by topic into different channels. There are also a lot of tools to help moderators block spam and manage the community easier.

It’ll look great for the community to add Discord and have followers there as well as TG.

I hear a lot about Discord and I have ventured on there once or twice. BUT - it’s really confusing for me. While I am no techy, I am pretty proficient at figuring things out and reading and understanding new things.

But despite that, I still find Discord a nightmare. Maybe it’s just me, and I am very happy to be told that it is just me (and then I shall go back and try again to figure it out), but from my perspective, if I don’t find it comfortable (and I’ve been in crypto since 2013) then I can’t imagine how intimidating the average APE will find Discord.

I think this message board / forum is amazing and we all need to bring people into here and build this. It’ll feel intuative to the Reddit crowd - and that’s who we’re targeting…

(Very happy to be corrected and shown the light on this, though…)


I agree. Telegram is designed for quick chatting, and as such isn’t ideal (IMO) for actual serious discussion on a topic. That’s where this message board really fills that role nicely.

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Fully agree, we definitely need an exclusively WSBdapp focused tg channel and/or discord

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Make a voting to migrate WSB on new TG group please…

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i just found out that WSB will be listed on CEX this June 14.
and im really sure that alot of question will be asked about it.
but stocks people also will try to dominate the tg group again.

i will vote to make new tg group exclusive for wsb coin. no stock related. :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:

Yes. Separate groups would be great. It would also help us track or marketing too because there so many members in the current tg that u don’t know if they’re new or been there for however long

How did you find out about the listing on cex?

I agree on this. I think many projects successfully use discord for quick chats and discussions ordered by their topics. TG doesn’t allow for this. I have some quick questions I have been meaning to ask which imo don’t warrant a post. But seeing all that spam and chaotic chatter makes me steer away from TG.

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they post it.
it’s not on the pin post yet.
but they will im sure.

the announcement will be on monday

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GREAT news, thanks a lot! :gem: :gloves:

I am in agreement personally, and will bring it up to the team. On this forum, it’s been nice to be able to discuss.

The team tries to host AMAs and other sessions to have good discussion, but including more voices is good. I will share this thread, as honestly your opinions are probably more likely to sway community folks. :rofl: