So its normal to dump 100M tokens every month?

As per tokenomics Company dumping 100M tokens every month we havnt started any marketing yet without attracting new investors is it normal or healthy??


It’s tense… just devaluation. I put in $2k and today it’s $200… I barely smoke. But I trust, holde a mega diamond hand cut via kryptonite.

Kryptonite hand


Not great but also not quite correct from what im seeing and have been following from day 1.

  • There is not 100m tokens ‘dumped’ monthly. This seems to be the amount that is legally transferred from escrow to various wallets each monthly unlock.
  • Surprisingly, not a single team, company etc token has been sold yet. Each month the pre-sale seems to be the only coins actually increasing real circulating supply and those seems to sell less each month.
  • the mining/staking emmission has been cut 50% every single month.

I think this project is subject to what all projects have to deal with: Launching scalable utility.
We are now in month 4 with an arguably overly sold market and undervalued WSB market cap - just as WSB utility is finally being launched. SingleStock is alpha launched and can see ramp up + ETP’s last I heard (now that both are voted on and ready to go) will launch week 1 august.

The Fees proposed look logical (increase liquidity, reduce supply, etc). I dunno I feel good accuming here but that’s my biased opinion.


thanks quite clear now thanks for your time

Absolute toilet at the moment. Less than 10000 holders, which has been the same since early may. So no new uptake.
And don’t comment on an admins post in telegram telling the world wsb in going up with a :poop: emoji as you will get banned.

What a joke. Ban me from the telegram group chat for saying that?? I’m down 8k so sorry if I have an opinion which doesn’t match the sheep.


Don’t they need to use a part of our investments in order to finance development, marketing, networking, overhead, etc in able to make the next steps in the project which in the end might lead to profits?

If you want to make quick money then buy the anoninu like tokens and make sure you step out before the rugg pull.

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thanks for your contribution but issue already cleared bro

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