...SPIT SHINE...its clean up time

I love this whole project. I have 10% of my entire investment portfolio in this project.
I have faith it will do well, in the future…

All of that is great and all …but, when I come to the website… daily… I’m turned off by the lack of effort to keep things updated and working properly. Bad housekeeping is a sign of bad management.

When it comes to the price not being updated for DAYS. it looks bad. its like walking in a store and there being mud all over the floors. Your still gonna shop there but it sure would be nice if someone got out a mop u know?
The rewards not showing properly is something we’ve know about since the move to V2 and yet its still there.

I know the team is doing lots and their busy all the time. That’s cool. But so is every other project team ? and, yet, Im shocked at the amount of time, effort ,money, and content being pushed out by some dapp projects in the same space ON A DAILY BASIS. I wont name any.

In my real world life I own operate and manage 3 companies. I know about being busy, DELEGATE.
This community is full of nerdy programmers who are probably laughing at our site. I have brought my own warm market to this project with friends who invest like I do. We cant keep bringing people here to try and sell them the idea and then have this kind of mud on the floor. Its simple stuff. lets fix it.


yea the rewards got some issues , for eg the wsb-busd shows zero but when i click on it new window opens it shows me the correct reward , after i hit “back” my rewards from diamond hands are gone …if i click on it and it opens in another window the rewards are there , now i hit "back " and my bnb-wsb rewards are not showing …i click on it … new windows opens the rewards are there, there is always one pool that is not showing my rewards but this started only recently for me maybe a week or so (and yes i have my cookies and caches cleared if someone asks )

I couldn’t agree more. I used to comment in the telegram app when I noticed broken indicators, etc on the farm website, though have given up because it’s clear no one was listening. Big supporter of the project, and have high hopes for the future, however WSB has a “broken window” problem with their house. I can understand that the devs have chosen to prioritize other important pursuits, however the website is the face of the project and its defects really diminish credibility and trust in the whole enterprise.

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a week later everything works fine for me on the website

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Earnings still not displaying correctly on the main farm page vs pool-specific pages…