Success Story Introducing WSB to some old friends

Hey Everyone,

I had success introducing the WSB idea to some friends this weekend in a way that, for the first time, exceeded my expectations!

This stemmed from watching Jaime’s interviews recently; as he repeatedly tells his story about having some extra income from his great job in his early 30’s and was looking for avenues of high returns, only to be disappointed. This wasn’t a substitute for other investments, but rather a new alternative. This story resonated with me and I think it resonates on several levels with a specific demographic.

I’m 36 and all 5 of the guys I was with this weekend are professionals in their 30’s as well. Jaime’s story organically fits into this “demographic”. This is a huge target base for us and I’m working hard to spread the message. As much fun as it is to fantasize about the 20 somethings wave when their ship arrives, the truth is there are:

  1. Professionals in their 30’s right now
  2. With a lot of cash
  3. No bad habits to unlearn from the stock market (easier to learn crypto based investments if you never made any fiat investments aside from student loans on yourself and a house/car)
  4. Still making 1-2.5M per year (This is of course on the high side but the doctors who are getting paid this are typically ballers, deserve it, and are hungry for more in life!)
  5. Typically the highest earners are first or second generation college grads

I know the pressures that healthcare workers endure. It’s important to me that recently graduated doctors are well taken care of with their investments so they can focus their time on taking care of us and not stressing about money. Let that be our job!

So anyway I know this is a little different type of topic but I’m trying to talk to 5-10 new people per day in person about this project and its fun to share stories of success when conversing about crypto and WSB in person!