TG voice chat, Shilling coins

Hi, i notice that the voice chat is on in the last few days.
and just out of curiosity i listen and some of the guy there are just shilling other coin with the absence of the admin.

Hopefully you can monitor there voice chat or closed the voice chat and open it only if there is AMA happening or Announcing Important News.


true the telegram chat could use more online admins, since its 24/7 365days its not gonna be easy to find trusting people and even if they find its gonna be a like a full time “job” , unless they can come up with a new type of bot to help the current admins /moderators ,maybe to mark in some sort of way the users shill shitcoins and the more they shill/mention a certain coin (even stonks) the longer time it will take the "cool down timer " to be able to post but then again in the chat and all this with the bot being able to show in the chat that user x-y-z is being “punished” so others can see also, but (i hate these "but’s :rofl: ) but there are new shitcoins coming out almost everyday they will need to be manually added into the bots algorithm , it wont be an easy task for the team,
p.s: if they decide to make another TG for wsb dapp only it will only confuse the people even more and then you have to explain to every new comer why this why that …more time consuming

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