The Potential for Long-term Passive Income?

So this will almost certainly be confirmation bias for most of you. If you’re here in these forums, it’s likely you’re already invested and know how valuable this token might be; however, I’ve seen some people question the utility of WSB. For those of you who need convincing, here you go. Keep in mind this is just ONE aspect of the token’s use-case. The ability to get involved, provide feedback, and vote, are more reasons to hold the token (not to mention future value of the token itself).

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has been growing FAST in the past few months. For some statistics, look at (BSC) and (ETH). Now look at the Total Value Locked (TVL). This tells you how much money is locked into a particular DApp at any particular moment. A few weeks ago, the TVL between the ETH and BSC networks combined was almost $140B (and many believe we’re just getting started). Currently, the combined TVL is around $85B.

Since WSBDapp is kind of in a category of its own, I think it’s possible to garner a lot of attention and TVL. If we can get just 2% of the total TVL in the DeFi space towards WSBDapp’s ETPs, that would be $1.7B. I think the potential is even higher than that, but I’m going to go with a conservative number since I’m already quite biased.

Ok, now here’s the part I’m trying to get to. Holders of WSB tokens will get to vote (likely on a year-by-year basis) on how to use the annual 2% of the TVL in ETPs. Quite a few of us seem to like the idea of using it for some kind of passive income. If that’s the case, 2% of $1.7B is $34M. There are a maximum of 1 billion WSB tokens (before burning, if that happens). That comes out to $.034 per WSB token held EACH YEAR.

SCENARIO: If you decide to put $10k today towards WSB at the current price of $.055 you will get approximately 180,000 tokens. If you stake that (as you probably should), you will end up with quite a bit more - maybe closer to 200,000. Those 200,000 tokens would garner ~$6800 given the scenario I painted above. Keep in mind you would still be holding onto those 200,000 tokens which will likely be worth much more than your initial investment by the time this project is completed (at least 2x, or even possibly 10x).

Now, of course I’m extremely biased, but I think this has the potential to be among the top in TVL with $17B or more in TVL. That would end up being $.34/WSB token or $68,000/year in this scenario. That’s a decent/excellent salary in the US.

The concept behind WSBDapp is relatively new from what I can tell. I’ve not seen anything else like it. is an interesting project and I believe I read WSBDapp will be utilizing their services, but WSBDapp will be to Crypto what Robinhood was to Stocks in my opinion.



By the way, I believe this project has the ability to break-away from following Bitcoin’s lead in price action, since the ETPs are not necessarily just in Crypto. Ultimately we’ll be able to have ETPs for Stocks, Forex, Futures, etc.

On top of that, Synthetix provides a way for you to SHORT through their service. So if it’s decided that something is overpriced, then we can do just that and take advantage of opportunities regardless of bear/bull markets or where the particular asset is located.


Great analysis and I agree that this could happen.

Let’s hope so!!


Thanks a lot for the analysis! In my opinion there’s big potential for growth and passive income for WSB hodlers

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passive income will incentivize more people to join the community just to hold and vote and the break-away from bitcoin i can see that happening also

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other crypto coin that listed on binance don’t have passive income.
and yet alot of people still believe on it. as long they gain because they’re holding it.

i say is we get listed on BIGGER CEX, More exposure and Good Fundamentals.

Passive income will be a bonus.

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Bigger CEXs coming… :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:


Facts. Facts. Facts. Would have only typed once but 20 character min…

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(same reason here - lol)

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Any hints as to which?

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I wish I knew! But the team has always talked about big ones, and I’ve seen no reason to doubt them so far…

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Nice analysis sir - I like your train of thought!

I feel you about the passive income, its just like Pundi X did with their (original) token, but instead of yearly they did it monthly, i think (if WSB goes that way) it should be monthly to, to keep holders incentivized, and non holder incentivized to (try and) buy WSB.

i know its an “older” post
just made an account