The Pump IS The Story

The dev work the WSB team is doing impressive – building out this roadmap of features and utility could make sense long-term (1-3 years in my opinion). This is an organic way to attract net-new investors to the project.

Short-term, the #1 way to promote this project is to get the existing crypto community to trade the WSB token. I propose that should become a major priority over the next 90 days.

After all in the “altcoin” space the pump IS the story! Example: I have random colleagues at work who have never traded a single coin, but know I am in crypto, coming up to me asking me “Hey what is Safemoon?” Clearly this is an apples to oranges comparison but the concept remains true. The pump IS the story.

Excluding BTC, according to CMC numbers, there has been net-new $0.525T crypto market cap since July, yet little to none of it has gone into WSB. This is not a criticism - it is constructive feedback that we need to focus on attracting that market cap in the near-term, with developing the WSB ecosystem a close 2nd priority in parallel.

My background: Senior level corporate director with 20 years in business and market development, 2 years investing and trading crypto.


Holy shit. So true. What do you think would help to get it pumping?

Totally agree - and similar bio… :blush:

I guess we are still stuck with waiting the real rollout of the product - ETP and now NFTs and therefore as BTCVIX keeps saying, wait till after Labour Day… or the week after as mentioned yesterday.

That said, I would love to see more tweets from the community to help with the exposure - there’s a couple of us doing this every other day. There are many Twitter influencers with 10’s n 100’s of K followers always asking what’s the most undervalued coin etc… we should be banging the drum consistently as a community.

After that and as part of the planned marketing roll out - I hope we get visibility / ama’s / coverage from some of the big YouTubers / Twitterers… Coin Bureau, Sheldon Evans, Elliotrades (?!), Luke Martin, Ran Neuner (this one was planned with Jaime I understand was postponed or cancelled) plus plus…

We need the kind of shill and pump as if WSB was launching like a new token again… plus I thnk we can do more to expose the Mirror ‘partnership’ - if that is what it is…

… sorry, lastly - Synthetix? is that a partnershipo or we just ‘friendly’ - can we leverage anything from that? They are $2bn MC.