The Vision is Clear

The Big “AhhhHa” moment is happening as we speak for investors. Many are realizing they can deposit their Bitcoin/Ethereum on platforms like Abra, Coinbase, etc and use this as collateral to borrow stable coins against.

Now I suppose there will be some entrepreneurs that wire those stablecoins back to the fiat world to then start businesses with. Awesome. This product, however, is designed to be parallel to Robinhood/Etrade/Etc in the crypto world. So please consider that as these investors borrow against that collateral, many will say, now what? Well this product is the now what!

Why would an investor borrow stable coins and move them back to the fiat world to buy derivatives and financial products on Robinhood or Etrade when they can simply move the coins to their wallet and buy these products on our platform, available with no middle man globally 24/7/365?

This is the direction we are headed and I think it’s going to happen sooner than I realized, again, because of the unlocking of borrowing stable coins against Bitcoin/Ethereum collateral. This is a huge step in the right direction for us!



Very true, great analysis Chase.