Token price WSB

Hello everybody,
I write from Italy I am a 21 year old boy who has recently entered the world of crypto.
as a beginner I wanted to ask questions to you who sure know more than me.
the wsb token if bought now will increase in value or is a token only to vote for etp.
I ask you this because reading the various discussions I got a lot of confusion in my head.
I apologize if it is a silly question but as I said at the beginning I am new and I also apologize for the grammatical errors but I am using Google translate.


Very good question especially around governance tokens and the value they hold. Keep in mind Initially at launch the price was roughly 70 cents - presales are very common in crypto as in tradition finance and that levelled out around 7 - 5 cents before the market correction in may. Through adoption and daily volume one would assume the price would rise however that is based purely off binance smart chain and new holders on boarding - all other exchanges wont have an effect on the token price which can be deceiving when looking at coinmarketcap for instance. So if you get in now prior to the launch of the ETP’s at 3-4 cents it could easily double/tripple by the end of year - ultimately no one can determine the price action. If you dont plan on entering into the ETP’s definitely buy wsb on one of our listed exchanges - you will get a better price - bots run rampant on BSC

The tokens will be used predominantly for governance but also hold value, I have included a link to our lite paper

you should be able to translate it to your native language -

hope that helps!