TrustWallet DApp Browser Removal / DApps on iPhones Tip

For those who haven’t heard, TrustWallet is removing the DApp Browser from their iPhone App to comply with Apple’s App Store Guidelines. I haven’t heard if Metamask will be following suit, but it would seem likely they will, eventually. In addition to using my computer for DApp browsing, I also used TrustWallet when I was mobile so I needed to find an alternative. These links may be helpful for anyone else in the same predicament I was:

Additionally, I wanted to share something I recently found very helpful. You can save DApps or any web application to your Home Screen. If the web application has been programmed to take advantage of it, it can even look and feel like a regular app. I find this to be a much faster way of accessing some DApps and web applications such as and

One nice thing about this is that after you connect your wallet via WalletConnect, it will remember/cache your credentials so you don’t have to authenticate every time.


You can run a v simple command on your iPhone to re-add the browser into trust wallet.

Not after update v6.0 according to the article I posted above. TrustWallet is removing that functionality completely. I don’t think v6.0 has been released yet, but when it is released we’ll have to use something else.

Oh right! Sorry - didn’t realize. I generally use MetaMask anyway so hopefully that continues like it is.

Am sure people will come up with a workaround if needed - some clever people out there!

Trust Wallet removed the DApp browser this morning, I just received notification my iPhone.

Since I prefer to use PC anyways (big monitors + keyboard + mouse) I just use Wallet Connect and make my various farming/staking transactions that way instead. This is a good option for others who use Trust Wallet.

As a general rule always create backups and store them securely, in case an APP disappears.

Anyways security checkup

  • Do not use phone number for 2fa unless you have to try authenticator
  • Store your seeds securely with multiple backups (encrypted database exist)
  • Consider a private/dedicated email for trading/accounts
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one centralized exchange or DeFi (own your keys)
  • Always check for audits on DeFi and consult a technical friend if you need more information.

Ideally you can migrate to the solution of your choice, just remember to address that annoying reminder to backup.

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