UNIFARM Reminder for WSB Token Holders

Hey Everyone,

The UNIFARM staking program has worked flawlessly for me. As the staking rewards continue to drop on V2, please consider staking with UNIFARM. The reward percentages are solid and this helps to grow our network effects.



Yes… Farming single token there atm… Better apy

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Be aware that the rewards are likely to be lot lower than initially stated by unifarm. Only guaranteed 37% if staked from the start. See the Unifarm TG group. Seems to be if you unstake you get the rewards earnt so far. If you hold till the end you may well end up with less that was originally expected. Still free tokens, just maybe not quite as generous as uni initially showed.

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When does it end? I don’t even remember when that started?

I agree with Hark in terms of the reward percentage. Having said that, we need our users interacting with other platforms with our asset more regularly. If our asset can help others increase the gain of their asset, we will grow that much faster. Each transaction, each address, each new user can potentially unlock way more action of our asset. That energy will attract people who can 1) Help make our company better; 2) Get users to our products. Those goals in this asset class do not operate independently most of the time.

We will make more money if we help others make money kind of thing…

yes its kinda strange how they work with the rewards …one week i have x amount next week i have less , i’ve been in talks with the admins to clear things out still does not make any sense to me ,when 1st time i spoke to them they even told me rewards can’t go down after my 1st chat with them then i’ve been taking screenshots to show them that the rewards do actually go down after a while they did that pinned message , if i would have unstaken and claimed the rewards i would had more rewards now …specially on wsb dapp, after the last time i noticed that my numbers are down again i gave up … left everything as it is and hope for the best :crossed_fingers: … Ends In : 116 days 23 hrs 7 min 36 sec

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