V2 Farming Question

Hey guys,

I’m excided of the upcoming V2 Farming and I have a question.
Should I unstake my LP from V1 and move to V2 once it’s up or that would happen automatically?

Hi Legion,

It’s not automatic, but we’ve done our best.

We have a nice interface developed for migrating between. After the launch you will need to unstake and stake, but on the front-end it will be clear how to do this. Up until then you can hold to keep getting rewards.


Will there be any impermanent loss suffered when unstaking and staking again?

You are staking LP tokens. So that has to do with the specific pool. On pancake swap if the pool has low liquidity there’s more chance for quick losses, which is why we remove WSB/CAKE. Users could vote that back in. Now you can look at your position on the liquidity page of pancake swap and check if there’s impermanent loss beyond what you are comfortable. We do not have control over those markets. There are ways for us to be more involved in swaps but that’s not currently our mission.

I’ve set my alarm clock to migrate from v1 to v2 last night. Looks and works great!

Only the APY’s seem highly inaccurate to me.
For the the BNB-WSB LP senior chad pool i think it’s closer to 450% instead 2500%.
Dito for the WSB diamond hands pool.

Also very happy with current APY’s though.
Nice job!

There’s no impermanent loss risk for diamond hands pool (because only one token)

Hey I staked in the boring but safu pool but no money shows up. Funds were taken out of my wallet. Any idea if it takes more than a few hours to show up?

Assume you paired it with BUSD etc? Did you do all of the steps or may you have missed the last step?

yeah so that is what I thought so I threw in another small amount. It showed up how much I staked initially but when I look at total staked on the previous page (which has the total of the other two pools I also staked in) the money I have in boring but safu isn’t showing up.

Maybe drop @MeowMeow a line here or better in Telegram. He’s the man for this sort of thing!

Thanks for letting me know. I disconnected my trust wallet and reconnected. It gave me the option to unstake. I hit the back button and it didn’t show up. It then showed up in the old pool. I was able to unstake and then stake in the new. Maybe I’m a retard or maybe it was a minor glitch. Thanks for the help though.

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Glad it’s sorted :+1:

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