Voting Feedback Metrics

I thought it would be cool if there was some kind of score calculated after each cycle as a sort of feedback on the performance of your vote. This could be some kind of metric that captures the closeness to the optimal voting distribution in hindsight.
As a further incentive, there could be some kind of leaderboard or this could be integrated into the forum similar to karma. This could lend credibility to users presenting their analysis for the next hidden gems. Maybe this score could even be used as an additional weight to your vote, to reward those who have diamond hands.
Just some thoughts…


I’m v keen for there to be some kind of way to rate the voting contributions of all WSB holders, so that the holders with the best ideas can be seen by all holders. A way for everyone to build up a “track record”.

It could also be cool if everyone started with a virtual 1$ and then depending on their votes in hindsight the amount could be adjusted to what it would have been if that $ had been invested in accordance to the vote. Thus the better you are (or the longer you’ve stuck around), the more $$ you have attached to your profile or… you might end up with pennies.

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I agree that we should have some way to incentivize serious voting behavior. For example with the recent vote to narrow the Crypto selection down to 20, I’d imagine there were many people who just selected tokens that they’d heard of and avoided the ones that were unheard of. This is random and isn’t good. As a voter, I think it would be good to reward those who take the time to research the tokens and make quality votes. I like the idea Lain had of a virtual $1 to show your performance based on votes made.

Perhaps we could take it a step further and have some way to reward those who post good research / topics here in the forum as well. Ex: someone who makes a convincing argument for/against a particular asset to be added/removed from the ETP. As a community, we could click a button to award them (not dissimilar to Reddit badges). To keep the WSB/Ape theme, maybe some sort of “Banana” counter showing our total award count by our name? Not sure of the capabilities of the forum here, but that would be a nice way to incentivize quality participation.


Great idea. (Hahahaha - bananas!) :banana: :clap: