We Don't Ship Junk

We are in no hurry. As much as I want to be a first of something that launches, it’s far more important to be the last one that remains. Let’s support the team that is clearly working SUPER hard. We have no competitors because of the vast options here. Our only competition is ourselves in not trusting the developers have better taste than we do. I’d much rather the team spend my capital on marketing and product development than communicating to me what’s going on. Just launch awesome stuff that we can market and the short term visionaries/stock price will follow.


Agreed, I smell a bull run coming soon too.

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No competitors?

What about https://longdrink.finance/ and https://bishares.finance/ ?

I only see conversation and spillage… I’ve already lost 90% of the capital.

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Thanks, Matt. I’ll look into these products that you’ve shared here.

Technically, if we don’t ship anything, then it is correct that we don’t ship junk.