Which Tokens in/out of ETP and Weighting Ideas

Was told to put this here. Keep reposting it and simmering it down, but my ideas for the ETP:

  1. Each of the 20 should get an up/down vote on inclusion and under a certain percent, should get booted (say 25%);
  2. The weighting for the ETP should be based on the strength of conviction in that up/down vote as a more democratic weighting process instead of market cap to really embody the WSB Dapp ideals; and
  3. If somebody does strongly believe in a coin that is not in the 20 list, they should be required to make an actual post describing their coin and why they think it should be included and pay X amount of WSB for it to be included.
  1. Originally we started with 50. Users picked 20, and we went with those results. We will need to see if we can add this functionality to snapshot our DAO software. I think this is a really good feature request, and snapshot ensures it’s tokens used for voting.
  2. We could have a vote where we disregard the ETP methodology, and go full on with users, yes. I think this will be a really good idea (although I don’t take opinion here) to establish the second ETP.
  3. The initial 20 is one “portfolio”, as a base. There can be an ETP 2,3,4. The first ETP the team tried to be conservative and have a strong methodology. So if another one is established they can compete, and be analyzed. I hope this helps.