Why buy $WSB early?

I tried to understand WSB DApp - Utility and Fees explained and from a revenue perspective it boils down to:

“the more $WSB I own, the more fees I earn, paid in $WSB”

  1. is this correct?
  2. what is driving the price of $WSB? AFAIU it’s just supply and demand, with supply being capped.

Hi @durandom, @FloppyDrive wrote an excellent summary of why to get into $WSB.

In summary, the project aims to offer new tools like ETPs and stonks on the blockchain to help decentralize finance and give more power to regular people without having to go thru middlemen. Fees derived from our financial tools all flow back to the $WSB hodler.

Here is a link to the post by Floppy: The Potential for Long-term Passive Income?

Here is a link to a recent WSBDApp blog post outlining out the incentive scheme is structured; it’s def worth a read! https://twitter.com/WSBDapp/status/1462627899593289728?s=20

Let us know what you think.

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