Will staking increase the wsb price?

does staking increase the price of the WSB?

also, people need to buy wsb coin to participate in ETP is this correct?

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I believe the more liquidity that is added to the WSB Pool adds to the increased value of the WSB. Ultimately the price of WSB is market driven but the value is liquidity driven which is independent of price. Yes you will need the WSB token, which also adds value to the WSB token, without any involvement with market price. Lots of of intrinsic value. Be ahead of the price. *Not financial advice.


In my experience, liquidity staking seems to boost the price in the short term but have little effect on price over the long term (and it doesn’t remove the capability for people to panic dump).

The main benefit is stability, since more liquidity means that more volume will have to move to shift the price. That’s why shitcoins bounce around like crazy when compared to large market cap projects.


If WSB holders have an option to lock up their tokens to receive almost risk free extra tokens, it disincentivises selling any tokens as why would you turn down something “free”? But, while the staking rewards are a nice bonus for buying and HODLing WSB tokens (and so should provide a short term price boost, due to reducing sell pressure), this will only help to increase the long term token price IF the WSB holders believe in the project and it’s ability to deliver long term value through creating a novel and valuable product (and therefore not selling their tokens). Otherwise, why would you / token holders keep hold of the tokens, given the short term price peformance over the last few weeks? We are all here to invest in something so HUGE and NOVEL that we think it could change the investment landscape, FOREVER. Rome was not built in a day. And so neither can a project as ambitious and disruptive as the WSB DApp, the DAO, and all of the ETPs that WE are going to create together. So please be patient AND take advantage of the crazy high APY for just hodling and staking the WSB tokens (that, by way of comparison, investors in a similar project IRL would hold as equity in a new company and get ZERO yield on!!).

So to echo what @Isaac has said above - it may have a short term positive impact on price (I think we have seen this impact over the last few days since farming 2.0 started) for a little while, but ultimately, if the project doesn’t deliver, it’s just window dressing.

But in the case of WSB - I have to say that I have been, and continue to be, impressed/surprised by the speed and quality of each new stage of the product development. As long as this pace of development continues in a similar vein, I think it will continue to encourage existing WSB holders to hold (and stake) their tokens and others will see and hear about what’s happening and being developed by the WSB project, and buy some WSB to be involved too. Annnnnd maybe the “free” yield tokens will play a little part in them buying into the project (before they have the chance/time to understand how HUGE this whole project can, and (hopefully) will, be).

From a personal perspective, I was completely “sold” on the WSB project and product by the end of the first day I came across it (which was 22 April, I think) and I bought in over the course of the following week. I wrote an investment thesis about the whole project for my friends to understand why I was so excited about it, and, by 1 May, I had almost 30 friends invested into WSB tokens.

Now, can you imagine how I feel about the token price since then?! My DCA price is about $0.16, so that makes me over 50% down right now. But I have been involved in crypto since 2013, so I understand how these kinds of very early stage projects can go in the short term… (“investments can go down, as well as up” etc…!!!).

BUT - do you know what has been really stressing me out since my “crazy crypto idea” got around 30 direct friends (and I have no idea how many of their friends they have spoken to and have invested, but I have heard there are many others involved after hearing my idea and trusting my conviction) to invest?! What has really stressed me out is not the fact that my investment is underwater, but that ALL of my friends’ (and their friends etc etc.) investments are underwater. I was guilty of thinking that this project would be unlike any other new business venture I have ever been involved with and wouldn’t take any time to get going and that it would just moon from week 1. Well, I should have known better, but I didn’t AND - in the short term (i.e., the last few weeks), I, and my friends, could have bought in at a better price. BUT - timing the perfect entry into a trade is impossible (as is timing the perfect exit, BTW). BUT - just becuase we could have bought in at a slightly better/lower price than we did has ZERO relevance or impact on our (and especially MY) view of the WSB project’s future potential. I (and all the many people that have invested “with” me) believe hugely in the potential of this product and that has not changed, despite the short term dip in price. Given how big this project could and should be, i think the price drop we have just been through won’t even show up on the historical price chart, when we look back at it. And we will all LOL at all the stress we put ourselves through at the time (right now) about the tiny price dip.

I (and all my friends (and their friends etc etc.)) have realised that just becuase the cryptosphere can sometimes be a crazy place of fast and unbeliveable returns, a project as transformational and novel as WSB will need just a little time to build some momentum, much like an IRL life business always does, too.

So - what am I trying to say? That my investment thesis and conviction has not changed one bit since I first discovered WSB. I have not sold one token ever (I have just bought some more tokens at lower prices to DCA my entry price and farmed and staked to earn more WSB). AND, I think, MOST IMPORTANTLY, not one of my friends/fellow investors has even mentioned selling out yet. (FYI, for a significant proportion of the investors I have got to buy WSB tokens, this is their FIRST EVER crypto investment - so this is a crazy new and volatile world they are discovering for the first time, much like a lot of you, the new-to-crypto, APES). They are used to and understand the timelines involved in building a real world, sustainable business, and so actually find it funny how stressed I have been about WSB not mooning 10x etc already - within about 5 or 6 weeks since launch - lol.

So to summarise this rather rambling post, I’m still all in, as are all the investors I have introduced to this project. We see and understand the utility and uniqueness of what WSB is aiming to (and I truly believe, will) achieve. SO - try not to stress over the short term price fluctuations of the token. If you believed in the $WSB project and product a few days/weeks ago, you can only believe in it even more, having seen how fast the team is delivering on their vision.

HODL tight, fellow APES. The diamond hands amongst us ( :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: :raised_hands:) will be the winners out of this project - becuase I think by the time autumn comes around, we will all (hopefully) be enjoying the rewards that having just a tiny bit of patience and faith right now, will bring…



Wow what a response, totally agree with what you have said. My average buy price is similar to yours and am down by more than half, but the show has only just begun and I too have been very impressed by the development progress and features being shipped out. The party has just started guys!


Wow! I agree with your explanation. Thank you.


I was under the impression that the ETP would be sold separately without need for WSB.
They also mentioned the first ETP being on ETH chain and there you have no use for WSB.

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anyone can confirm this?

etp on eth?

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Correct. WSB tokens are there to have the voting power/control over the creation of, and what assets go into, each ETP. Anyone (WSB holders or not) can invest in every ETP. I believe that stablecoins will be needed/used to invest into each ETP (and maybe ETH too, as (as you correctly mentioned above) each ETP is on the Ethereum network. :+1:

100% correct. Each ETP will be created via the Balancer protocol, which for now at least, is only on the Ethereum network. BUT - I know the team are already looking at and considering other protocols on other blockchains that may be a better place to host ETPs in the (near) future.

But for now, they devs are (quite rightly) using the best (and pretty much only) protocol to host the EPTs, right now.

Wow, is this part of your investments thesis? Whenever a crypto is launched it takes some time to adapt and actually start moving usually it actually devalues quite a bit. It’s important to manage your risks accordingly such as not going all in at once especially in the beginning of a coin. I was lucky cuz I found out about wsb quite late so managed to get in at like 0.06.


Just wondering how / why the price of WSB is going to (should) increase (all our expectation I guess), if the ETP is bought using ETH or stable coin?


WSB is a voting token and has a limited supply.

So unlike, stablecoins, this will be a finite asset that is used to vote on new products and community infrastructure.

Stablecoins are to ETPs like dollars are to ETFs.

Share ownership of typical hedge fund is like WSB token ownership to WSB Fund.

This is my basic understanding of the parallels you can draw while understanding this project.

Please let me know if I can dig deeper for you to clear this up…


So what catalysts can be listed to increase $WSB if it is only used for voting. What looks like an (big) investor’s mind so they can put their money to $WSB?
We know crypto is crazy, meme coin that has no idea can be surge instantly but the true coin remains going to the floor. But we can manage the ‘make sense’ plan…

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So it’s understood that WSB will be used for voting rather than buying the ETP’s – although the supply is not really that limited – what is it 1 billion at full circulation? And still not clear on what the true circulating supply (or marketcap) is right now?

How or will the buyers of the ETP’s be motivated to buy WSB to vote….? I worry that if ETP buyers are more the typical crypto speculators, they will just be looking to capitalise on the ETP’s increasing without being part of the full eco-system.

Would it be possible or make sense to link WSB to the ETP purchase like some kind of staking…?? Like you can only buy the ETP if you hold x% WSB? Or add some additional incentive for buying holding and voting with your WSB?

Really looking forward to some clarity on how this is all going to work, so please excuse me for just throwing this out here - even if it doesn’t make sense…:face_with_monocle:


Agreed- there doesn’t need to be loyalty to the coin to buy into the RTP. The only benefit seems the tax on transaction abs having a say in votes.

Hey Everyone,

I just want to make sure you all saw the most recent community post that outlined the value of the WSB token. I thought it was quite nice…


I haven’t. Where might I find this information?

Indeed, essentially a governance token which holders accrues fees and decides what to do with the moniesss.

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